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  1. Rlee

    Too old to be a sub?

    I feel like I could offer a perspective frrom the other side here (: I'm in my early twenties, and (coincidentally) the sub that was the best match for me so far was actually 9 years older than me, and also a parent. In my case, when I'm looking for someone, as long as I'm attracted to them and...
  2. Rlee


    I'd like to add to this. I feel the distinction between a sub and a slave does not apply to how often you do things. The distinction between both is important indeed: A sub is one who is still considered when he obeys, one whose feelings and sometimes decisions still apply to an extent (that can...
  3. Rlee

    Health benefits of orgasms?

    What makes you think males don't physically need orgasms for hormonal reasons?... Like I said, they are important for the emotional well being, and I think I can safely say that most males who struggle with happiness and are not turned on by teasing and denial would definitely feel a huge...
  4. Rlee

    "Dirty Talking"?

    How is "dick me up" a bad one? Haha Anyway, this reminds me of one my friend's told me happened on his first time. After the act the girl asked for help with her bra, and when he didn't know what to do, she asked... "Wait, are you a virgin?", to which he replied "What? No, we just had sex!"
  5. Rlee

    No idea in which thread to post

    You can't do real instant messaging on a phone over here. Kik is a way to be easily mobile and to get notifications on your phone that make noisy noises and get your attention so you don't leave people hanging. It's also much easier to grab your phone, open an app and have all of your kinky...
  6. Rlee

    Health benefits of orgasms?

    Hm, this is an interesting one! I'm in no way an authority on the matter, but here goes what's on my mind: I understand that full sexual frustration can definitely be detrimental, and that things like orgasming can and do give you a physical benefit, such as mood improvements through hormones...
  7. Rlee

    19MtF Sub Seeks Dom for TPE, online domination

    Had a couple of days with her... Turned out our free times didn't match so well, but she's quite dedicated, and I think she has what it takes to become someone's perfect little sub! (;
  8. Rlee

    Straight Male Dominant 20 Looking for a longterm female sub (;

    Hello! After having tried to find a sub several times in the past, I'm here to try again, but this time knowing a lot more about what I want! For starters, a bit about me. My name is Lee, and I'm a 21 year old male dom. I've been exploring the BDSM world since around 2016, and while I am a...
  9. Rlee

    Am I normal?

    I'd also like to add... Although this is a topic not many people talk about, I've recently had a conversation with someone and it turns out that, for both of us as well, signs like yours of enjoying BDSM type things also started to appear at a very early age. So, besides it being something you...
  10. Rlee

    Non-Sexual methods of control

    I particularly enjoy control very, very much! I've done many of the above with subs, but another fun one I'd like to add is forced exercising. Both setting goals, and giving someone specific tasks to do... This one's goal is simple: Exercising is healthy! But besides that, by pushing a sub's...
  11. Rlee

    Switch 4 Women  21/m switch looking for a female sub or domme!

    Hello! I'm a 21 year old male switch. It is a veeeery boring day for me, so I'm looking for someone (female) to play with! I'm mostly in a dominant mood for today, but I'd still enjoy being a sub if that's the case...! As a dom, I'm looking for a sub who enjoys (or wants to try) control, pain...
  12. Rlee

    The Grand Consolidated KIK Details Thread

    21 male switch looking for female dom/sub/switch or short term male dom! Likes: Control, edging, light pain, light punishments, teasing, guided touching Limits: Unsafe, illegal, scat, messy Limits as a sub: Permanent, blood, public, face/full body pics, humiliation other than mild My Kik is...
  13. Rlee

    Findom whats the purpose?

    As a male dom who thoroughly enjoys control, although I've never done findom, I can say that being turned on by having control is really a thing! I'm not saying all dommes are like that, there must be a lot who do it just for the money, but I imagine at least some are. As for subs enjoying it, I...
  14. Rlee

    The Grand Consolidated KIK Details Thread

    I do have a full ad posted, but this might increase my chances... I'm Lee. I'm a 20 year old dom with some experience, looking for female subs on Kik! My kik is rleeeee (5 e's, be careful, there's also a rleeee around)
  15. Rlee

    Dominant male looking for a long term female submissive on Kik

    I'll also add that it doesn't become long term right away, only if it all works out after a while! I'm still looking!
  16. Rlee

    Broken link?

    Yesterday when I went to post on the "bdsm personals" section, I read the pinned post at the top first, on how to post a personal listing. Over there, it suggested searching for users at this link before posting, but it gave me a "page not found" error. Hoping it was a temporary thing, I tried...
  17. Rlee

    Forum interface

    I don't exactly know where I'm going with this post, but I wanted to comment on how amazing the interface here is! No new pages needed for posting, or for checking out a profile, and everything seems so intuitive! In one word, I am amazed! And it having a dark theme, with no eye straining...
  18. Rlee

    Straight Male Dominant 21 Dominant male looking for a long term female submissive on Kik

    Hello! My name is Lee. Like my profile says, I'm a 20 ish year old male dominant, and I'm looking for a long term female sub! About me: I think I could say I have significant experience at this point, as I've been doing this for a while! As for my current schedule, I can be busy during the...