1. M

    Tasks for the night

    Hi, it's currently past midnight and I am in my room in need. Can't be loud cuz I live with my parents and brother whose room is near mine. I usually only play with myself until I cum but today want to try something else. any ideas? Have no sex toys but have paper binder clips. Let me know if...
  2. S

    Leggings and a bra please give me challenges

    Hello I like to wear leggings and bras but I would like some ideas to torture myself with i like anal and I love puting things in my bra and leggings and also love to suck on things the only thing I don’t like is blood i can only use items that you find around the house of I can go to a...
  3. G

    Bored and needy painslut

    I’m boreddd can someone kik me at raebaev?? Likes: nipple/tit torture and bondage, temp play, humiliation, hidden public, pain, being told what to do Limits: vaginal insertions, pictures with me in them, permanent, illegal
  4. heavyrain

    I need something new

    Hi! Next week I will have free evening and whole night at home and I would like to enjoy it with some long selfbondage session. I allways wanted to spend several hours in some kind of bondage (maybe over night), but it was never as good as I imagined. Maybe I need some new ideas and dares,-) I...
  5. unicorn

    new ways of pleasing your Dom

    Hi! I'm wondering what new ways can I sexually please my Dom. I'm looking for something more than bj, massage (and ofc obeying fully). I'm talking more like doing something for him that could even surprise a little. So my question is: If you are a sub, what would you do if you'd like to impress...
  6. J

    I have a 20f plaything And need ideas

    Hey, I could use some help I have a girl who lost a bet, so far I’m taking her to her office when it’s closed and taking pictures of her naked and need any ideas?? Group play is the normal like public exposure, flashing, peeing in public and hidden public are the normal goto, light bondage...
  7. switchman72

    Work From Home Quarantine Ideas

    Hello all, Currently working from home due to the corona virus outbreak and looking for some ideas for some self-torture of the nipples and cock. I'm open to just about anything that I have in my house to use in terms of torture devices as well. I enjoy play piercing in both areas and also am...
  8. H

    Ideas of tasks for online (kik/snap) slaves

    Hi, i m an online dom, i mainly use kik and snap, so i need some practical tasks or punishments for subs(Girls ofc) wich could be performed alone be sent over kik or snapchat. Pics or vids of any kind, just ideas Kik kevinnewer
  9. adini

    Discovering new possibilities

    Hey all! I don't really know how to start, but here's the short story long: My new SO asked me to be more dominant in bed. Her exes never were into being dominant or bondage or something like that (still pervs :p ). I'm interested in it for years, but never had a partner to do it. (Although my...
  10. C

    Slut Slave in training

    Hi! I am new, not so much to BDSM play but rather to training to be a slave... I do have a Master, simply just would like ideas which then we would try with my Master and also share the experience with you... I would love to exchange ideas, fantasies about Dom/Sub rules, plays, toys and gear...
  11. N

    Tell me what to do

    I'm looking for dares tell me what to do
  12. N

    Need some guidance (ideas) and a dom

    Hello there. I am a straight submissive and do not belong to any Dom currently. I need ideas on how to stay a submissive even though I do not have a dom? I want to follow orders given by my master but I don't have any master right now so I am reaching out to the community to give me...
  13. Y

    Running out

    I've been masturbaiting so long and so often. I've run out of ideas of new ways to get off, new pleasures . Its rather sad really. I'm only 18 and can't think of a single new one.:(
  14. L

    Any ideas for getting "a little more rough" online?

    I'm currently in a long distance relationship with my sub, and it's actually quite hard to spark up some good ideas for punishment and rougher conversation. He recently said he'd like it if I got a little more rough, but considering the distance between us, I'm really stuck here. I've tried...
  15. joht2891

    I'm back and need ideas

    Hi again to 'old' users who may remember me and pleased to meet you to 'recent' users ;) Some months ago I had decided to stop using gd and kt for various personal reasons and had deleted my albums as a result of such decision. Now I'm back for business and willing to have some new dares and...
  16. L

    Looking for kinky ideas

    Hello all, I am looking for some kinky ideas/dares/punishments. I'll tell you a little bit about my situation and supplies - I am a female submissive living with two housemates in a small apartment. I cant be loud and I cant do anything outside of my room. I currently have a Master, he lives...
  17. Bustybunny

    Newbie needs help

    I'm currently training a student. But of course Im a newbie and I'm running out of ideas. Can the experts help and give ideas (not too explict).;)Student... Is a male Young(20s)Limits:public, family, face in pictures Dislikes:anal Likes:anything other Has household items(no toys)
  18. SlaveBoyWI

    SlaveBoyWI's punishment

    Hey! Im jacob's (slaveboywi as you all know him) mistress. Weve been dating for years and its just recently come to my attention that he enjoys femdom.. How ironic is it this whole time hes been scared to tell me and ive always been a dom? Lol and now I now control his KinkTalk and...
  19. xx742xx

    Ideas for my slave girl

    My slave girl and I will be going to a hotel room for a night and she has told me limits are out the door. She wants to be heavily abused physically and mentally, and I have some ideas but also want some more. If anybody has any ideas of ways to use her, let me know and I will respond with how...
  20. Anina

    please help

    Hello to all doms! I need your help: my master wasn't content with me recently so he told me to make out a list of possibilities how i could improve myself and become a better fucktoy for him. As a sub i'm used to serve and follow rules, but i'm honestly quite bad at coming up with ideas like...