1. N

    Chastity Contract to Quit Smoking Ideas

    Ok, so here’s the situation: I am entering into a contract to use a chastity device to give up control of my orgasms during the time period that I will quit smoking cigarettes. (If you don’t know what that is or you’re not into the kinky side of life I am in a loving relationship and my...
  2. A

    Straight Male Submissive Manchester 27 Back after along time away

    So I’ve been away from this kind of thing for a while due to being in a long term relationship so this ad might be rough around the edges but now it’s come to an end I want to get back into it! My likes are Anal, edging, humiliation, cum play and i’m Open to trying new things. I’ve always been...
  3. mistressandboy

    First fuck after a week of chastity and denial

    After 7 days in chastity, and 10 without a cummy, it was time for Mistress to give her slave a good fuck. After pussyboy spent a good time cleaning his boiclitty and completely shaving it and his boipussy, making it nice and ready for his fuck buddy, Mr Butt (lovense hush). Naked in bed, a good...