18/Male looking for Female Dom/switch


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Oct 10, 2018
Hi, I’m looking for a female who wants to be my dom or wants to switch. I’m in the EST time zone. I’m also a small guy, coming in at about 130 pounds, and sometimes less due to medications I take that reduce my appetite (it’s a side effect).

I’m very open to trying out new things and am really looking for someone to make and enforce rules and dares and such.I love diapers despite not owning any, so I make do with other things, but I love to forcibly mess myself due to different suppositories and laxatives. Recently I’ve been getting into using emlalock to lock myself into a diaper with marshmallows inside me so that I can’t get out and am forced to go in my diaper. I also love anal, I’ve been stretching myself out for awhile and can take about 2.25 inch in diameter objects. I also really want to work on length, but I don’t have any ACTUAL sex toys to use, and can’t go out and buy them. I enjoy enemas, as I used to have a inflation fetish, although not as much anymore. I really want to get into femdom but haven’t had the chance to really try it out all that much. I also do enjoy bondage, but unfortunately am no good at tying myself up :(

I like to talk a lot, I’m searching for someone who is available to text a lot and isn’t just looking for a one time thing. I want them to be consistent and not disappear without telling me first. I also like it when I get a response back fairily quickly, especially if I am being made to do something.

My Toys:
Silicone mold of a beer bottle
Inflatable buttplug
Castor oil (can’t stand the taste)
Enema kit

I will send pictures, once I’m comfortable, and if I get super comfortable I might show you my face.
I also have school on weekdays, and cannot do anything while at school, but I am able to text while at school. And weekends I am free most all the time
Thank you for reading!
If you want to get in contact with me, I can be contacted on kik at:Speedy5g