Trans Man
Age play, Anal Training, Apparatuses, Bathroom Control, Blindfolds, Body Hair control, Caging, Chastity, Clit Play, clothing control, contracts, Corruption, Creampie, Degradation, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Face-Fucking, Gags, Gaping, Heat / Rut, Bondage, Humiliation, Hypnotism / Mind Control, Leash & Collar, Multiple Orgasms, concensual Nonconsensual, Orgasm Control / Denial, Physical Restraints, Pleasure Control / Denial, Powerbottoming, reconditioning, rule, Sensory Deprivation, Sex Toys, Speech Restrictions

Among others
Abuse, blood, permanent, extreme pain, filth, family, social suicide, blackmail, scat
I used to delve into this lifestyle quite often about five years ago. I got into a very vanilla relationship for 3 and shave since just gotten my own place again so that subby side of me is very much looking to be utilised.

Before I got into the vanilla relationship I was within the bdsm community for about 2 years pretty extensively


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Feb 10, 2016
Hey all thanks for checking out my ad, let's get this started huh?

About me
I'm a transman (female-to-male) looking for a dominant to maybe help take care of the submissive side of me.
A bit about me, Im 25 years old, quite small at 5'5, 110lbs, though still fairly fit I've been on testosterone for ten years and I've already had top surgery however everything else is untouched. I live in Canada (MST time zone)
I'm pretty arty, when I'm not acting I'm drawing, working on soapstone carvings, maybe practicing my colouring. I'm also quite the active type, love to get out and do things-I like to go to rock climbing gyms and work out in general (though the stress of this year and the closing of gyms has admittedly made that less of a priority)
I also enjoy in weed fairly often as it helps me with my anxiety

What I'm looking for
I'd be looking for something more long term . A master who loves control and molding his slaves to his enjoyment
I think a master who at some point would like a good amount of control over his slave would be a good fit for me. Im not only interested in the sexual side of being someone's slave but the less sexual side as well. So I guess something to as close as TPE as possible.

If my post at all interests you, send me a message either through here or kik (astralparadox)
If you happen to use any other messengers let me know. I'm flexible

When you message me, do tell me a bit about yourself (age, appearance, maybe somethings you're into along with your kinks and what you're looking for)

Thanks for reading through and take care!

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