32 years old italian male Dom looking for an online only female sub/slave 18-35


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Jul 13, 2015
Hello everyone! My name is Dario and I am a 32 years old Dom from Palermo, Italy. I'm 1,77m tall, and weight about 60kg. I have black straight hairs and deep greenish eyes. My sexual orientation is straight.

In my vanilla life, I'm a geek, I love playing videogames and watching anime. I love swimming and going to the beach. I'm an almost graduated university student and I study history and italian literature to work as a teacher. I love animals and especially I'm a cat lover (which I have four). I love food and enjoy eating a lot of different dishes, I'm always experimenting but I'm not a good cook so I enjoy others cooking for me. I'm friendly and I really enjoy talking about everything. If you want to know more about my private life feel free to ask.

I've been into this lifestyle for over six years now and I'm still evolvong and getting better while experiencing new kinks, likes and limits. I had several online experiences and in person as well, and for now I plan to keep things online and move them to real life if things go well, with chances of meeting if we are far away

I identify myself as a Dominant and as a Dom my main focus is toward the sexual side. My main interests involve in particular pictures and videos, clothes control, daily routine control, behavior control and orgasm control/denial. I will make a detailed list with my main kinks, and I'm willing to try new fetishes and kinks. I'm very open minded so anyone can feel free to suggest me anything and if i find it interesting i will try it.

I'm a little bit of Daddy Dom/caregiver even though I am not really into dd/lg play and can't really handle a heavy little space. I enjoy caring, cuddling/snuggling and aftercare but i am not really experienced so if you are a little you should mainly be a submissive as we will focus only on that dynamic while i will try to give you as much attention as needed.

As the ideal submissive for me there's no such thing. I don't really have much to ask about for an ideal girl but there are a few things i like. I like shy girls that easily gets embarassed (embarassing plays are one of my favorite kinks). I like a girl who is not afraid to show her body to her Dom and that can be sensual even though she is shy. I like talkative girls that can keep a conversation, I'm not looking for a smart girl but at least someone I can talk to about various topics outside bdsm. Bodily I'm into big and curvy girls mainly but I like flat chest and small tiny girls as well but the physical appearence is my last interest, as i don't really care about looks. I like girls who dress up feminine and wear skirts and dresses but this is also a trivial matter to me. If you watch anime or play videogames or like history it's a plus but not necessary. I find arousing in embarassing my girl, but beware, not humiliating or degrading, but only embarassing like staring or making you do things you never did or don't exactly like but that you know I like and so you do them for me while I look.

It doesen't matter if you're new or experienced since I've trained both newbies and experienced subs/slaves. I believe that everyone should always learn something from every experience even after many years into this lifestyle. I don't apply a fixed behavior but I try to adapt to each person and situation differently.

I'm not a rigger and I don't use the ropes (I prefer simple scarf bondage), I like control but I'm not a control freak, and I try to leave some degree of freedom to my slaves. I prefer giving tasks like writing essays or diaries and I focus more on the sexual behavior.

Now about what I'm looking into a slave/submissive.

First: I'm not interested in body looks and races, so it doesen't matter if you are black or white, thin or plump, tall or small. Character wise I like a person who is funny, open minded, really kinky and sexual, affectionate, caring and talkative. My age range of interest goes from 18 to 35 but if we are really a good match I might push it higher. Also I'm only looking for girls since I'm completely straight. I'm interested into topping couples as well as long as at least one of the two is submissive to me.

Second: You should have a camera and possibly a webcam (this is a good add but not really necessary). I love receiving pictures and videos, since it's my main fetish and I'm aware that taking pictures and videos is hard or a limit for many, so if you're interested in me you should take that into account. I will not order you to send pictures/videos right away until trust is enstablished or until you feel ready or comfortable, but I want it to happen sooner or later. I have a camera and a webcam and am ready to show myself so I expect the same thing from you. Showing face is not necessary and of course i am not willing to pay any money for these services. This point is not negotiable.

Third: I believe that trust between Dom and sub is extremely important into these kind of relationships, so we should learn to trust each other. You will have to trust that I will never share online any pictures, videos or info about you and that they will be for me only. I am aware that trust can't be achieved over a day or two, so I'm fine with taking our time before engaging in any intimate activity and give some space into knowing each other better. For the same reason I'm always willing to give a trial period where we will try some light mechanic and see if we can make it work. However the trial period will not last more than a month. This is not negotiable as well.

Fourth: My sub must to be open to try new things and kinks. I'm not planning to push or force your limits unless you are fine with it, but I believe that trying and experimenting new things keeps the relationship active and spicy and won't make the routine fall into boredom.

Fifth: I want to have some kind of control. I am heavily into total power exchange but i am fine with less control too, but there are a couple of things which I will want to control, in particular orgasms, porn, etc. We can discuss over this matter and agree to what degree of control and which things I will control, I just want to be clear that I expect some kind of control over some of these aspects.

I will set some rules, but I don't have a fixed set of them and I prefer to adapt to every single person. These rules will not interfere with important aspects of your life like work, family and friends or school, and we can discuss them and scrap those you think will be an obstacle. Breaking a rule once or twice will result in a scolding and if this keeps happening in a punishment (however punishments will never cross your limits list).

I'm pretty strict when it comes to completing tasks. I will give you some daily tasks and a deadline to complete them. Breaking the deadline or not completing the task well will always lead to a punishment. Of course I'll give you tasks and deadlines accordingly to your life duties.

About punishments I both do physical, mental, humiliating and denial punishments. If some kind of punishment is on your limit list we won't use it. Being online I can't give the punishment myself so you'll have to do the punishment under my guidance, but this doesen't mean you can say no or refuse to give yourself a punishment (unless there's a valid reason to it and you explain it to me). If I notice this behavior I might interrupt the relationship right away.

I am looking for a long term relationship (distance doesen't matter to me) with possible meetings in the future if things works out well. I'm not hoping for a life long relationships, but at least I'd wish it lasts long enough to be worth our time and efforts. Short term plays are ok as well as play partners, but this has to be decided before starting.

I don't like sudden disappearing. I understand that we're all busy and we have a full schedule, so it's ok if you have to be gone for hours or days, just be considerate enough to let me aware of it in advance, so be sure to warn me if you're going to be really busy and unable to talk or serve. Same thing goes if one of us is not interested in the relationship anymore. I prefer to be honest and at least be informed if this is the case so that we can both move on and start looking again. So take this as a warning: if you disappear without telling me and then come back after days or week, consider the relationship to be most likely over, unless there is a really good reason (like lost or broken phone and such).

I'm looking for a slave/submissive girl. I don't like bratty behaviors, so keep it in control if you have it in you. If you do have a dominant side, push it aside while spending your time with me (not forever, you can be dominant in your daily life as much as you want, but not with me). Any dominant/bratty behavior during sessions will be punished. We can talk, communicate, even be friends if you wish while we're not on a session, but I'm the Dom you are the sub and I want respect for the roles. I will respect you as a person and I will respect your limits, but you will respect my role and my position.

An important issue for everyone outside Europe is that my time zone is GMT +1 so you should be aware that we might have some time difference. It's not a problem for me and I've already dealt with it for years with several subs so I will try to adapt to your time zone as much as I can, so I expect you to put some efforts on it as well.

Some of my main fetishes and kinks are:

- Cosplay
- Sexy poses and poses training
- Teasing
- Pictures and videos
- Webcam live sessions
- Sex play
- Skirts and Dresses
- Upskirts and Skirt lifting
- Orgasm control and denial
- Clothes and underwear control
- Exhibitionism
- Tits and nipples torture
- Daily routine control
- Feet play and torture
- Legs play and torture
- Breasts/Nipples play and torture
- Clit torture
- Ass and Pussy spanking
- Footjobs
- Clothespins
- Porn control
- Edge play
- Ice cubes
- Forced masturbation
- Forced nudity
- Mouth gag
- Blindfold
- Scarf bondage
- Body writings
- Writings
- Floor licking
- Kneeling
- Aftercare

For the rest of them ask in private

My limits are:

- Blood
- Scat
- Vomit
- Family & friends
- Illegal
- Breath play
- Diapers
- Period play
- Watersport
- Messy
- Knife play

I'm totally serious on this and I'm here for something serious, genuine and hopefully long enough. I might not be the best and most experienced or conventional Dom as I am self-made without any real training from more experienced Doms or blogs and my tastes might not be for everyone, but I am REAL and HONEST and proof is the time I take into writing this profile, the messages I send, the ads I post, and the time i dedicate myself to it. While I don't live it 24/7 it's still and extremely important part of my life, and in the future i really plan to make it an essential part of my life.

To communicate in the beginning we can use the private messages here but soon enough I will want to move to a more private way to chat, since I don't spend much time on kinktalk to be quick enough for replies. I mostly use Kik, Whatsapp and Skype, but feel free to suggest some other way and I'll see if it's ok to use. I'll give you my contacts only in private.

Well I guess that's all I can write about me. If you want to know more, contact me in private and I'll reply to everyone. Thanks for taking your time to make it this far on reading my profile and I hope it wasn't too long or boring.

Have a nice day!