44 y/o slave available for exponential exposure and control (No Privacy!)

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Sep 15, 2020
What is it that allows you to truly have control?

It is your ability to have undeniable proof of compliance and - over time - enough information and material that non compliance would have irreversible effects on your slaves life.

I am indeed that person who can offer you control to that extent. So if that is what you seek, please read on.

Because what I am seeking is someone who takes pleasure in invading my privacy with no regard to my feelings or desires. Someone who takes pride in making rules and following up on those in a way that they impact my life Severely. And someone who doesn’t have seconds thoughts about gathering the information along the way and use it fully against me or distribute or share such material even when it creates an atmosphere of worry anxiety and stress for myself. I am heterosexual but my sexual orientation or desires play little role in my search. I do admit that it would appeal if the result of such dynamic would be that there’s no sexual satisfaction at all for me, either inside the dynamic but also and more importantly outside in my real life.

How would that be achievable you might ask? It may of course start with a conversation. What I seek is genuine and requires at least knowing each other’s thoughts. And it may become reality by any number of little cameras, bought by myself, placed according to your wishes and active 24/7 in my home, where I work, receive guests, have relationships and so forth.

And if that interests you, I’d like to hear from you via kik at “controlled76”

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