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Jul 27, 2021
Atlanta, Ga, USA
ok its kink so we already have a certain mindset as to what that is. The thing is there are many aspects and genres/subgenres to this as well as varied levels of experience. Much practice, trial and error can be involved. On top of that we may get carried away sometimes and be dragging some one else along for the ride. 1 bad experience can turn a person away from the fun and games of it all. So always be mindful of that as well as watchful towards playmates. Finding a perfect sex mate is a tough go and depending on your kink = your life partner may not be the best kknk partner so discuss and share so avoid problems. All of this should be for fun on some level. When its not fun that is usually not good. Try things out. Watch some videos. Read some forums. Buy some sex toys. Dont be embarrased. You are not alone. In fact all of us are in this together. So make it meaningful and if things go a bit too far - take a time out, regroup and try again. The worst thing is to forsake your own sexual being. That is a fate far worse than covid. -:)

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