A new predicament for the ladies


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May 19, 2013
Perth WA
This one is quite long and involved and requires a good deal of preparation so not for the impatient.

You will need to find/prepare the following items;
A plain wooden pop stick.
A lot of string, good quality nylon builders line is best.
Two binder clips or clover nipple clamps.
An overhead pulley point, if you don't have one they are easy to make as a clip on in a door way (pm me for details).
I one litre or larger plastic bottle.
A set of handcuffs that lock or other cuffs you can lock together with a padlock.
Finally you will need to prepare an ice release block, this is made using two short lengths of string with one end tied in a loop and one with a single knot. Gently twist together the two ends with knots and place in the bottom of a paper cup with slits cut down the sides to about 3cm from the bottom. The slitted cup holds the strings in place, now fill to the level of the slits and freeze overnight.

Now to the actual predicament. Measure out about 2.5m (8 feet) of string. Run it through the pulley on your door frame and attach one end to the loop on your ice release puck, attach the other loop from the ice release to the water filled plastic bottle. Pull a little tension on the string but leaving the bottle standing on the ground, tie a small loop in the string on the opposite side of your pulley.
Now attach the end to the pop stick and test that when standing in your final position with your foot on the pop stick the bottle should hang about half way up the door opening, adjust accordingly.
Attach a short length (about 60cm or 2') from your nipple clamps to the loop in the main string. See diagram for positions. Be sure to adjust all string lengths to optimum before beginning task.
You are now ready to begin.
Place the key for your handcuffs out of reach of the rig and pull up the water bottle so you can stand with one foot on the pop stick.
Attach your nipple clamps and then cuff your wrists behind your back.

You now have two options, you can wait for the ice puck to melt dropping the water bottle so you can unlock yourself and remove the nipple clamps OR move your foot releasing the pop stick which will allow the string to run free putting the dropping weight of the bottle on your clamps and pulling them off.

You could perhaps play around with the set up to position your key in some difficult but just reachable place that requires shuffling the pop stick from toe to toe whereby you risk letting the bottle drop but possibly gain freedom sooner.

Yes its a lot to follow but it will be worth the effort, please leave a message here or pm me if you need assistance or are unsure about any aspect of this.

Edit: Added a new view to show the string configuration more clearly.

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