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Nov 20, 2017
With many subs, both face-to-face and distant relationship, I have made it a requirement to "journalise" their thoughts, experiences etc on a regular basis. It also forms part of their compliance, also. This journal entry goes back a few years, but always gives me personal pleasure by reflecting on it, as if it was only yesterday. I have decided to share to KINK followers, and look forward to any comments. I CAN make more available from my vast archive of journals, if individuals are interested.

Written 01/04/2009

I awoke with a smile on my face as i realised Master was coming this morning... i couldnt hide my excitement at the prospect of spending much needed time with him. i hurried to shower and wash my hair before making a coffee and pondering over the day to come... I found i wasnt as nervous or aprehensive this time much more rleaxed and calm....I got the children off to school and returned home to wait for Masters arrival. He had already text me the night before to inform me he would be arriving roughly 9.30 am and that he wouldnt need meeting... then i had received a text from him this morning telling me he was on his way...i checked and double checked the room while i waited, hoping it was tidy enough for Master.. then i removed my trousers and socks and shoes... folding the latter carefully ready for wearing this afternoon. I then removed my bra and panties... I would be ready for Masters arrival. I headed off to the kitchen poking my head into Alycias room to check on her before i made Master a cup of tea ready for his arrival. I had just made it and returned to my room when the door bells rang... Master was here i smiled as i greeted him at the door and welcomed him in... While Master refreshed himself after his journey i sat and waited for him, he arrived in my room and i greeted him with a smile as he sat in the most comfortable chair... my computer chair, at Masters request i removed his shoes for him so he was more comfortable. We chatted for a while about his back pain and other things, I felt comfortable and safe at his feet, i could gaze up at Masters face as he spoke and touch his knee gently... Master searched in his bag for something and drew out a collar the leather felt stiff and hard against my throat as i accepted his collar with gratitued... Master pulled out a small black box, a gift for me he said, something i could wear at times when the collar wasnt appropriate and still feel Masters love around me... such love and gratitued filled me I felt so much love around me i couldnt stop thanking Master. then Master informed me it was time to place my nipple bindings on I happily fetched them for him and handed them to him before

removing my top and kneeling before him naked and proud, his fingers felt wonderfully rough against my skin as he coaxed my nnipples to erectness and slipped the bindings on tightly... he surveyed my breasts as i knelt there, then Master gave me permission to touch him, with joy i stroked and caressed at Masters cock through his jeans, it felt warm and hard under my fingers.

Master asked me to remove his jeans and pants which i stuggled to do as they were so tight so with Masters help i finally removed them and folded them up before placing them with his shoes and socks and returning to kneel between his legs... then with a nod from Master i kissed and licked at his cock , feeling its wonderful sahpe and silky skin between my lips and against my tongue, with Masters gentle urging i licked and sucked gently and carefully relishing the feel of him in my mouth, I am growing used to the taste of Masters precum , although i am still unsuire as to whether i can stomach more of it but i am trying very hard to please Master in the worship of his magnificent cock.... Master asked to inspect my pussy so i lay on my back on the bed and opened my legs for him, only reaching down to open the lip on his command, he has advised me to trim up again and i shall do that this evening... Master sat and inspected me before he whipped my pussy, the sharp sting, making me cry out softly in delight and pain, Master whipped my pusssy until it was damp then he stroked and slide his fingers against it, the sensations were amazing and i whimpered and moaned in pleasure asking for more and more Master pressed his hard cock against my pussy but didnt enter me, the feeling of it pressed hard against my clit sending shivers through me... Master wriggled his way back down between my legs, i couldnt see what he was doing but heard the sound of metal against metal, my mind searched through my toys quickly trying to place the sound but i couldnt think what it could be... then cold hard metal touched me and slid into me before i felt it stretching me open slowly wider, I looked at Master and asked him what it was, a speculum, one he had brought with him... Master had opened my up completely as he stroked the insides of my pussy with one finger and probed into me with other toys,,, then Masterr shifted his position and laid beside me my head on a level with his cock, his gentle yet fiorm hands turned my head towards him and i opened my mouth to suck and lick at his hardness again, I found that every movement i made sent a shiver od delight through me as the speculum shifted slightly inside me and i groaned before laying back on my back...Master again shifted himself down ebtween my legs and using various toys on me brought me close to orgasms again and again before he instructed me to turn over onto my hands and knees... My arse exposed to him my pussy filled with the speculum Master whipped my arse cheeks slightly until they stung, then rubbed his fingers and tongue across my anus... the sensations sent waves of pleasure through me and my hips rocked towards him... then a feeling of somethign sliding into me, growing bigger stretching me wider as it entered i groaned and whimpered softly not entirely sure on the sensation, as Master pushed the larger balls into me it felt like they were huge they hurt a bit but i do belive it was because of the speculum holding me open wide as well.... Master then moved round in front ofd me na dlay on his back his cock directly below my mouth i lovingly took him into my mouth sucking and licking on him as i felt full at the other end, my movements sent shivers of delight through me as i sucked on Masters cock... Master moved round and again positioned himself between my legs from behind, I couldnt see what he was doing, and some of the things hurt like hell others caused a small amount of pain and others still delighted.... but soon master had slipped the speculum from me and the beads and positioned himself so that his hard cock pressed into my pussy slowly delightfully slowly, tortuoursly slowly, Master entered me, pressing himself deeper into me holding me in one positoon as he pressed his full length deep into me and holding it there, the sensations flooded through me as i felt completely under his comtrol, love surged in me and i relaxed under him allowing him to do wtih me as he wished... Master pulled out of me and wriggled himself round until again he laid beside me I licked and sucked on his cock cleaning my own juices from it before he moved back down between my legs, using fingers and hands to bring me closer and closer, Master pushed and forced his hand into me wriggling his fingers deftly inside me as i cried out in pleasure feeling the orgasm crest and break over me... I smiled at Master as i felt him gently remove his hand my body was so relaxed and at ease under him as he pushed himself into me again, deep and hard, holding himself form inside me i could feel him throbbing as my pussy pulsated against him.... then my damn fone rang. I apologised and pushed myself off the bed to answer it , my mother was feeling a bit lonely so i chatted to her a for a few minutes before hanging up and heading back to the bed to be with Master,,, we snuggled up close and stroked and kissed each other before Master told me to get on top... I complied and climbed ontop of him... straddling his hiops and gently sliding his hardness into me before i settled myself on him... Masters next instructions were clear... fuck him till he cum... I rocked my hips feeling his length sliding in and out of me as i moved faster on him

watching Master face for reaction.... I felt Master explode in me and slowled my movements down till they stopped ... I leant forward and kissed Master gently before rolling off him and laying beside him to chat and relax

Soon master said he would have to get going... He headed off to the bathroom to shower and clean himself while i dressed.... My mornign with Master had been wonderful, before Master left for home he removed the collar and replaced it with the wonderful gift he had bought me i felt so loved it was untrue... i gently kissed Master goodbye and after watching him leave headed back to lay on the bed for a while before writing this diary up."

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