(AU) Mildura: M/Dom/48 seeks F/Slave/All ages ~

Oceania (Australia, New Zealand)


Not so kinky
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May 19, 2008
48 year old dominant male seeking a cam slave female of any age

Looking for a female webcam slave for humiliation and degradation as well as preforming tasks and activity's for my amusement.

Age body size and looks are not important when applying as long as you are completely honest with me from the start. Anyone may apply and i will consider all applications. Please fill out the questions below and message me.

I want you to be completely honest when answering below as i will be using your answers to decide who i choose as my slave.

1 Name
2 Age
4 Time zone
5 Have you any experience and if so how much experience do you have?
6 What are your limits?
7 Do you have a webcam or camera?
8 Do you have Skype?
9 Do you live alone or have privacy for training and tasks?
10 Tell me about yourself.
11 Tell me about your kinks likes and fetishes you may have.
12 What do you think about nudity as a slave?
13 Tell me as a slave how you would prefer a master to treat you.
14 Describe your body in as much detail as possible.
15 Bra size.
List some things you fantasize or want to try as a cam slave.

Thank you for reading my ad and i hope to hear from someone soon.

  • Kinks:
cam slave, humiliation, denigration, tasks, any age, nude.

  • Experience:
looking for a cam slave.

  • Limits:
must be female.