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Jan 6, 2022
Rhein-Main area
What started as slave training by a professional Mistress soon turned into real slavery by MISTRESS Natascha, MASTER Michail, and their friends …

This is the story I wished to happen and now is out of my control ...

Her home was not far away, just a few miles from … and yet I arrived there 15 minutes in advance. I waited the remaining time, nervously checking my watch several times. She lived in an old house in the outskirts of ... with a large garden and a lot of old trees. At one minute to eight, I walked up the path to the front door. At precisely 8:00 p.m. I knocked loudly on the door. There was no way back now.

Nothing, no reply. I waited half a minute and then knocked again. Was it the wrong house? Again, I knocked. I looked at my watch. Three minutes past eight. I got nervous, once more, I knocked on the door. Eventually, I heard movement in the house.

The door opened and a Lady who must have been MISTRESS Tatjana stood in the doorway, just icily looking at me. MISTRESS Tatjana was a tall BBW in her forties, definitely carrying overweight, with long blonde hair and huge boobs, her breasts were her best feature and she had her blouse unbuttoned to make sure they were shown to her advantage. "You are gunnarsub?" She did not expect an answer as she continued, "Now you are here, you need to show up properly in a manner befitting your status." I trembled at the sound of those words; what could she mean? "Take off your clothes, go back to the end of that path, and crawl up here on your belly like the worthless worm you are. And when you get here, get on your knees and beg to come in."

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. For a moment I hesitated and thought of refusing but I knew that I could not afford and anyway, the thought of what MISTRESS Tatjana had commanded me to do excited me beyond words. I looked around. It was dusk and the light was fading but there was still enough light for anyone passing to see me. MISTRESS Tatjana stood there watching what I would do.

Red like a crab I started to undress. Seconds later I stood in front of her with nothing on but my chastity belt.

"What are you waiting for?" MISTRESS Tatjana said as she gathered up my clothes and threw them indoors, "Get down there and start crawling." I had no alternative. Naked with my clothes being out of my control, I had to do as she commanded. Quickly, I ran to the end of the path, nervously looking around to see if anyone was watching. Dropping onto my belly I began to crawl back towards the front door, pushing myself along with my hands and feet. I could see MISTRESS Tatjana´s silhouette in the doorway, watching me intently.

It seemed an eternity before I reached the door. Then just as I arrived there, MISTRESS Tatjana slammed the door in my face. I knelt before the door as she had instructed, my chest red from scraping on the path, sweat forming on my body, and knocked on the door. "Please, MISTRESS," I pleaded, "let your worthless slave in."

There was no response. I knocked again, pleading all the more. No reply. Minutes passed as I knelt there naked and cold, knocking pathetically on the door in the fading light. MISTRESS Tatjana must have left me there for five or ten minutes before she deigned to open the door and stood before me again. "Who are you, slave," MISTRESS Tatjana asked, "Have you forgotten?"

"Let me know who you are when you remember it again, slut," she said and closed the door again. Then it hit me who I was.

"MISTRESS, this one is 'Sissy gunnarsub, cock sucking slut'."

No reaction. I repeated at a little bit higher voice "MISTRESS, this one is 'Sissy gunnarsub, cock sucking slut'." Again, no reaction. I was desperate, so I repeated the humiliating introduction again at even higher voice, almost shouting "MISTRESS, this one is 'Sissy gunnarsub, cock sucking slut'."

The door opened again, I wanted to get on my knees, but MISTRESS Tatjana ordered me to turn around and cuffed my hands behind my back. Cruelly smiling she showed me the key for the cuffs and let it drop between her tits. "Follow me, SLUT!" I followed on my knees, gazing up at her round bottom and gorgeous appearance in front of me. She went into her living room and I followed.

"Meet my friends," MISTRESS Tatjana snapped and I looked up to see two other women, seated on the couch, but a spotlight dazzled my eyes and I could not really recognize them.

"This is this kinky pervert I have told you about." I did not dare look at the other ladies but kept my head bowed. "At first, I thought that it would be a fake offer when I read that message of Mistress C `Well trained sissyslut available for no limit humiliation in the Frankfurt/Mainz area´ in one of the BDSM groups in which I am a member, but then it turned out to be a real occasion. I got interested in it when I learnt that our slut lives almost next door."

Her words hit me like a shock. The day before MISTRESS C had sent me a mail ordering me to report today precisely at 8:00 p.m. at the place of a MISTRESS Tatjana living in .... MISTRESS C only had told me that some ladies wanted to have some fun and that I was expected to obey them with no boundaries. Nothing more. When I got aware that I would have to submit to somebody in a town that close where a lot of people know me, immediately, I started to have butterflies in my stomach, fearing that somebody might recognize me. Nevertheless, I did not have an alternative but to obey, since MISTRESS C really had me at my balls.

" You won´t believe what I found out. He lives in … as you do, Nasch. Even more so I invited you today, hoping that you may make out him and we get to know his name and other details. Then we would have him at his balls and at our mercy whenever we like, even without approval of Mistress C. Nasch, you laugh. Does that mean you know him?"

Completely embarrassed I had listened what MISTRESS Tatjana disclosed about me. But only now, with a shock, I realised that one of the Ladies was a neighbour of mine, Natascha Taorova, actually living next door, or more precisely just opposite my house. She and her husband are of Russian origin but moved to … even before I did. She does not only know me, but knows everything about me. Why in heaven's name was she here? Later on, I learnt that MISTRESS Tatjana was a very old friend of MISTRESS Natascha, they grew up in the same town when they still lived in Russia.

Up to now I had been sure that I was able to control as to what extent I wanted to be enslaved. I was prepared to put myself into
a position where my Mistress could force me to obey any order, independent how humiliating it might be. But that was under the assumption that such nightmare would only materialize during some sessions with a Prodomme and may be sometimes in-between upon having to perform some humiliating orders and tasks. Although I had agreed to get blackmailed, I felt that I could handle the relation with a Prodomme, since she was not part of my everyday world, and Frankfurt is one hour´s drive from …, far enough to ensure that nobody there knows me.

Now there was a new quality in the level of slavery. Natascha, my neighbour could easily destroy my life by disclosing to the community in … that I would be a cock sucking sissyslut. I just could not afford that. One of my neighbours knowing my secrets was now a permanent and omnipresent menace. Natascha, my neighbour, is in her early 50ies, a mature Lady but still rather attractive with big jugs, save for having a reputation of being a bitch and a witch, with no children and married to a man who previously was a local champion in boxing. Although I must admit that I could relish having a closer relationship with her I cannot imagine that somebody would like to be at the mercy of such a witch. Apart from small talks there was not much contact, neither with her, nor with Michail, her husband.

Natascha smiled at me, "What a surprise," she said "this slut is not only a neighbour of mine but lives just opposite.

His name is Guenter …, he moved to … already some 25 years ago when he had a house built there. Most of the time he worked abroad but has kept the house all time and returned to it permanently after retiring. I think he is very proud about his reputation in … as a white-collar worker, but I feel that he is an arrogant asshole. So ist das doch, nicht wahr, Herr …!" There was no alternative than to confirm read like a crab "Yes, MISTRESS Natascha."

"So, you like this sort of stuff, don't you," she smiled, " You like to be a slave, a slut, a worthless piece of shit." She paused. "What do you think people in …, your friends, and our other neighbours would do if they learnt that you are a pervert slut?" She laughed, tossing her head back.

"Shall I tell them?" MISTRESS Natascha asked me, "Shall I?" "No, please," I stammered, "Please don't."

"Why not?" she laughed, "give me one good reason."

"I will do you whatever you want," I said desperately, kneeling in front of her, "Everything." MISTRESS Natasha's eyes widened and a smile flashed across her face. "Everything?" she said, "Everything?"

"Yes, MISTRESS Natascha," I said quickly, "I will do everything what you want."

Silence, nothing but terrifying silence!

MISTRESS Natascha looked at me. I felt her gaze running up and down my body and a cold shiver ran through me. She was well aware that she was in charge of the situation. And I was aware that she would take advantage of knowing that.

Then she spoke, "Lick my boots, SLUT!" I looked up at her, my mind raced. "Lick my boots," she said again, "I won't ask again." I knew that she meant it serious and I knew, too, that she would hesitate no minute to spread around all `news´ about me unless I obeyed.

Ask me if you want to get the whole story.
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Dec 30, 2021
They really can get worse. As usual locked in my chastity belt and discipline collar I was watching TV with nothing on but fishnet stockings, garter belt, and pumps with high heels when suddenly the door opened and MASTER Michail entered. Immediately I fell down on my knees and started licking his boots. Then he ordered me to suck him off. Right away I started to suck him with enthusiasm.

MASTER Michail said that I would do a good job as a cocksucker and that he would not believe me claiming that I would be neither gay nor bi. It must have been a joke since not doing a good job as cocksucker would mean vicious punishment. Therefore, I did not think too much about his words and that was a mistake.

He ordered me to stand up, cuffed my wrists on my back, put a leash around my balls, and lead me thus to the dungeon. Without saying a word, he locked me into the pillory rendering me completely vulnerable and helpless. Then he started caning me in a way I never had been experiencing before and I was not in a position to stop him. Soon my cries almost echoed in the dungeon. Even when I started pissing on the floor he did not stop. I do not know how I survived that caning. It was a sheer nightmare.

When he finally stopped, he said "I never believed you when you claimed that you would not be gay. I think that you like sucking cocks and that you really want to become a slaveslut, not for Mistresses but for Gay Masters! I am convinced that you want to get fucked in the ass, Herr Doktor …. Am I right? Admit it, SLUT!"

"No, MASTER! I am not gay! Please, believe me, MASTER! Yes, I like sucking YOUR cock but this is something else. You are my MASTER; you are the husband of MISTRESS Natascha and you are not gay! Please, believe me, MASTER, I do not want to get fucked in the ass, I swear it!"

Only minutes later he had fixed me on the wooden horse but this time with my hands cuffed behind my back and the cuffs pulled upwards and thus connected to a chain from the ceiling. As a result, muscle fatigue in my legs started already much earlier, since I was not able to support my weight with the arms. Then MASTER Michail put alligator clamps on my nipples, connected them with to a base unit delivering electric shocks.

Soon I had reached my limits and I started to blubber and cry of pain. MASTER Michail who had watched me smiling sadistically addressed me. "You still claim that you are not gay, SLUT? And you do not want to get fucked by a Gay Master?" "No, MASTER, I am not gay! It is true that I imagine what it is like being at the mercy of some Gay Masters and getting fucked by them, but these are nothing but humiliation fantasies, not real. I swear it, MASTER!"

What followed now was a shock for me. "Listen to me very carefully. For lying to me you will be whipped like this every day from now onwards. If you disobey, you will be whipped, if you obey, you will still be whipped." MASTER Michail turned around and took some papers out of his pocket and started reading:

Slave available for weekend sessions

Hi to all who like to have a "virgin" at their mercy. First, I am not gay but a straight male slave, living in the Rhein-Main area in Germany, who is after utmost humiliation. So far, I never have submitted to a male but I like the idea of being fully at the mercy of a gay couple or a group during an evening or weekend session with no safeword and no way out. I get a kick out of being forced into unlimited obedience as their slave, not knowing what will be ordered next and to whom I will have to serve, too.

In order to ensure that I will not be in the position to escape, I should be kept nude and locked in chains and manacles with a heavy, massive steel slave collar around my neck. I should be kept locked that way until I have executed all orders for my utmost humiliation to the complete satisfaction of the whole crowd.

In order to provide them with all power to force me to unlimited obedience I should not be allowed to speak if not asked and any failure should entail a most severe whipping in such a way that I dare not speak again. Similarly, if they are not satisfied with my performance, I should be punished, whipped and tortured cruelly without mercy. Punishment should by no way enable me to escape from obedience, but thereafter I should be forced to perform that order under even stricter circumstances.

They should make me lick their boots in front of their friends and have me lick them also in public. On the basis of safe and sane sex I should be forced to suck all their cocks. I should get whipped until I beg them to fuck me and make me their slut. In order to increase my humiliation, they may record the session and subsequently post the pics in this group.

"Oh, my God! When I surf the net for femdom sites I usually get that aroused that I am prepared to take some risk and sometimes I posted messages, pics, and ads to the net that contained information about my identity and would have enabled those who take a copy to blackmail me. In order to increase my excitation here and then I posted even blackmail fantasies that I wanted to become a slave for Gay Masters and even Black Gay Masters.

At such an occasion I had posted this message in a gay site. But since I am neither gay nor bi, I never wanted such fantasies to actually materialize and also always got away with it. The purpose of doing so was just to heighten my feeling of vulnerability and potential embarrassment if I was caught; thus, raising the stakes and my anxiety.

Even after I had become a slaveslut not only to my MISTRESSES but also to MASTER Michail I do not feel like being a gay slave. Although I had to give MASTER Michail plenty of blowjobs, he is not gay and never fucked me in the ass. Also, other men who were sometimes present during my services were mainly interested in humiliating me and I had to suck a lot of cocks, but none of them ever fucked me. Even that guy whom I had to invite to my house and to offer my ass and body for his disposal on order by MISTRESS Cora, actually, never turned up. What would happen now?

"So, you are not gay? You still claim that you are not gay, SLUT? You dare lie to my face that you are not gay? You dare swear in my presence that you are not gay, Herr …? Although you call yourself a Sissyschwuchtel?"

What should I answer? I just could not stand the pain anymore. So, I said „I am really sorry for lying, MASTER! Please forgive me!"

"You will regret that, Herr Doktor H…! You will regret that bitterly! So far, I always protected you, SLUT! It was me who has protected your ass! But now that will change!

You want to get raped? Become a hooker? Fucked in the ass? That can be arranged!!! You are such a slut! I will take care that you get trained as a slaveslut for Gay Masters! They will fuck you in the ass! I will make sure that you will become their pisspot and their painslut! I will take care that some of the pimps in Frankfurt will look after you, du Schwuchtel!!! Some of my old friends will ensure that you get what you want! But be assured that they are not as lenient as we are! They will deal with you according to their standards, which definitely you will not like at all, SLUT!"

Horrified, I listened to his words. Was he talking about pimps in the red-light district?


To be continued
I wish I could find a master like him I would say yes I'm gay I want it bad!


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Dec 30, 2021
Living just opposite, MISTRESS Natascha and MASTER Michail order me to report there almost every evening. The only other piece I am allowed to wear besides my sissy outfit, the chastity belt, and the steel collar on the way to their house is a rain overcoat, which I have to take off immediately after arriving there and I never know whether I will be get the rain overcoat back for returning home. If it is already dark, they use to keep the raincoat and I always have to fear that other neighbours will see me.

Quite often MISTRESS Natascha and MASTER Michail just use me as their toilet for pissing into my mouth and over my body. MISTRESS Natascha has made it my regular duty to lick her clean after she had sex with MASTER Michail and she is then full of cum in both orifices. Of course, I have to clean, too, the cock of MASTER Michail thereafter and often he makes me suck him until he splashes a full load into my mouth.

Moreover, both of them enjoy making me to act as their spittoon and ashtray. Regularly, they force me to eat and drink from a bowl on the floor with my hands cuffed on my back. In front of my eyes, they spit and pee, and sometimes MASTER Michail even ejaculates into the bowl and I have to lap everything and lick the bowl clean within tight time limits set.

In a lot of cases MISTRESS Natascha and MASTER Michail have guests; not only MISTRESS Tatjana, MISTRESS Tamara or MISTRESS Cora, but plenty of others. They never allow me to wear a mask or hide my face! In the opposite, MISTRESS Natascha always makes her guests aware that I live just opposite them and offers everybody to use me as their slaveslut at any time. They all take pics and clips and sometimes even send them to me along with embarrassing remarks. And on the large TV screen run clips showing me in most compromising actions.

In most cases they keep me cuffed and chained during my service, surely not because of fear of opposition but just to make life for me even more desperate and humiliating. Of course, I have to serve them as a maid with drinks and food, but most of the time I have to entertain them, respectively with other words, they like to watch me suffering.

Nude with my hands cuffed behind my back and my collar connected to a loose-fitting chain to the ceiling, they put alligator clamps on my nipples, fixed tightly also with an elastic cord to the ceiling. Wires at the alligator clamps go to a base unit that supplies remote controlled electric current impulses. Cruelly they turn the controls up and down, tormenting my nipples so that I start to dance because of pain. By doing that, of course I pull at the elastic cord, causing even more pain. The chain to my collar prevents that I can pull the alligator clamps off, although with clover-leaf nipple clamps this is almost impossible, since these are nipple clamps that pinch tighter when pulled. Nobody cares that I suffer, in the opposite, they crack jokes about my predicament.

Whenever MISTRESS Cora is present, she uses to take the controls and takes care that I suffer so much pain that I weep, sob, and cry for mercy. There is none! They all get pleasure from seeing me suffer! I am not a neighbour, I am a slave, a slut, a piece of shit and they treat me like that.

MISTRESS Tatjana prefers female lovers, but here and then she calls me to serve her, too. It really means serving her since she forces me to use my tongue to bring her to climax. She likes smothering me for ages while having me securely chained and riding my face. For me it is no pleasure at all but only pain and almost suffocation. If MISTRESS Tatjana is not satisfied she chains me to the pillar in her living room and canes me without mercy.

If MISTRESS Cora comes alone to my place, she has her giant strapon with her and fucks me like hell. But she likes accompanying MISTRESS Natascha and MASTER Michail and then habitually she comes up with proposals how to boost my humiliation, add to punishments and especially to predicament bondage, with other words, how to make life for me even more miserable. She was the one who had suggested to cuff my hands behind the back and to lock a humbler around my balls when I wait alone at home for my tormentors to appear again.

And I know that MISTRESS Cora has let even more people into my secrets, obviously not only the ladies from her bridge club, but also a series of others. One day, when she was in my house together with MISTRESS Natascha she took out her iPhone, dialled a number and said "When somebody answers, just say This is … from …. I am a sissyfag and slaveslut and crave for utmost domination and humiliation. Please, come to my place at … and bring me to heel.

My body and my ass are entirely at your disposal."

Horrified, I looked at MISTRESS Cora and thought "I can't say that!" but did not dare say that. I took the phone and pressed the green button. "Hello?" A deep, male voice. I hesitated, briefly. " This is Sklavennutte Guenter from …." I said, my voice rather tremulous, " I am a sissyfag and slaveslut and crave for utmost domination and humiliation. Please, come to my place at … and bring me to heel. My body and my ass are entirely at your disposal." For several seconds there was silence.

"If he asks you questions" MISTRESS Cora murmured "Just answer 'Yes, Sir' or 'No, Sir'." I nodded.

"You're Guenter, the sissy with the chastity belt?" the voice of that man again. I hesitated; shocked that obviously a lot of people already knew that I was locked in a chastity belt. "Yes, Sir!" at last I responded. "And you know me?" "No, Sir" I replied. "But you offer your body and your ass to people whom you don't know?" "Not really, Sir." "But you like to get fucked by people whom you know, don't you?" I did not know what to answer, so I said again "Not really, Sir."

MISTRESS Natascha suddenly took a riding crop and I got a series of stinging lash on my back. "You haven't quite grasped your situation yet, SLUT, have you? Either you apologise for your rudeness, or we will cane you in such a way that you never will forget again. In any case, thereafter you will phone this gentleman again. Choose!" MISTRESS Natascha snapped "Call him and tell him how sorry you are. Repeat that your ass and your body are entirely at his disposal."

"Hello?" That deep voice again. "Hello, Sir. This is again sissyfag and slaveslut Guenter from ... I am very sorry and want to tell you how much I regret my rudeness in not admitting how much I like to get fucked by everybody including people whom I don't know. Please, come to my place at … and bring me to heel. My body and my ass are entirely at your disposal."

I paused. He said nothing. "I really am most sorry for my grossly impolite behaviour, Sir. Please forgive me, Sir!"

His answer was like a shock for me. "You will have to learn that a slave never ever has the right to state that he does not like something, especially not to get fucked. I insist that you will get severely punished for that behaviour. Give me MISTRESS Cora!"

"Cora, I would like you to have this slut ride the horse for at least two hours. Have him whipped every half an hour with 50 lashes on his ass and shoulders. He must learn that the job of a slut is to get fucked by whoever likes to fuck him! And I definitely will come to his place one day." Well, to cut a long story short, I suffered a lot following this telephone conversation and, for sure, if ordered to phone somebody else in this context I will offer my ass to whoever it is!

But things got even worse, much worse! This morning I got a copy of a Co-Owner Appointment in favour of Mistress Cora with a short note reading:

Hello SLUT,

I have appointed MISTRESS Cora as your CO-OWNER. From now on she owns your ass, too, and you will do as SHE says! And I have made sure that you will not like it, sissyfag! Got the point, kinky SLUT?


To be continued
I'm looking to be owned I'm a little sissy bitch

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