Being caged and denied


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Oct 19, 2017
This story happened back in December. Right now i've been locked for 7 days with no orgasm for 9 days.

My last orgasm happened 19 days ago, and I’m caged almost 24/7, with some permissions for hygiene, but no masturbation for a week now. It might sound short for some people, but I am suffering. I was always used to be free, to masturbate and cum as much as I want, without condition, to jerk off with my Mistress while she was giving herself orgasms, and to get off every time she did, as seeing her at the climax is the the biggest turn on I know!

Right now, I see and hear Mistress have orgasms multiple times every week, and I stay locked, my poor boi clitty dying to get hard. I take my shower without even being able to touch it, as I enjoy so much soaping it and feeling it get hard in a free manner. When Mistress gives me permission to remove the cage for the time of a shower, to clean my clitty and the cage, I barely start soaping it that I get raging erections, feeling my balls so full and big, ready to explode. And there’s nothing I can do about it. And I miss it! I miss it so badly…

Yes, right now, one of my biggest fantasies is to orgasm from Mistress black cock, and see it drool out of my cage as she is fucking me hard. But another big fantasy would be to put my hard dick in my hand and jerk it fast to make myself ejaculate. Do I miss my cock being hard? Do I miss the manly feeling of ejaculating? Do I miss having it in my hand? Probably all of them. Hard to give priorities among those.

The thing I know, is that when I feel and see it becoming hard, I have some kind of strange attraction for it. Not only do I want to feel it being jerked, but also I want to actually jerk it.
Would I be satisfied to jerk another one? Probably, as I can’t stop thinking about giving and handjob and a blowjob to my Mistress strapon.
Is it all about having an orgasm? No, because I would do anything to be allowed to have a ruined orgasm, let alone some edges.
Am I bothered by the cage on a daily basis? No, because I start to feel it natural and part of me.
Do I have a problem with giving away the ownership of my penis and my pleasure? Certainly not, as I have never been as happy as I am now with my Mistress.

But I feel something missing in me, and I sometimes dream I’d be free to erect several time per day, to touch my penis whenever I feel like it and jerk off in the shower, before going to sleep or when Mistress offers me a masturbation session on webcam, which is the closest thing we have to sex, being in a long distance relationship.

I have so many hot pictures and videos of her, or us, I don’t even need porn: I have my favorite things to jerk off to on my computer, on my phone.

But no, right now all I am allowed to is to be frustrated, denied and to suffer and be desperate, to beg my Mistress on a daily basis, even though I almost know it’s useless and hopeless. I dream about my penis being hard and free, and I dream of some masturbation and edging to be allowed before I see my Mistress for the next time.

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Feb 8, 2018
I am envious of your situation. It is not easy to truly surrender, but in it their is a bliss to be found. As an acolyte of Ms Renee Lane I'd like to share with you her words and invite you to read her book, Finding Love Through Female Domination.

"Years ago we both dedicated ourselves to exploring the outer edges of a FLR. It’s true that he occasionally balked at some of the things I wanted him to try. When that happened, I didn’t force him. I simply took a step back and went another direction. If it was something I truly wanted then I circled back around to it later. Most of the time he agreed at the second opportunity because the process of transformation had continued in him. Those surrenders that once frightened him later seemed only natural. During the process, I made mistakes. We went down dead ends. Sometimes it was dull, sometimes scary, and sometimes too silly to be erotic. No matter what happened, we kept going. If I had any secret to share it would be go slowly but keep at it. There will be a moment when it will all seem like it’s downhill. Your FLR will pick up speed and have a life of it's own. Then suddenly you become a truly dominant wife. When that happens, you will have critics. I have been called a gold digging evil narcissist. I think of myself as a moral person. It is possible that I only embrace the darker side of my personality when it comes to him because he craves me when I do so. His surrender was accomplished only with his enthusiastic encouragement. He wanted to be lost in me. He wanted to be gobbled up by me. He now kneels at my feet. He is beggared, collared, denied, cucked, worked, and ridden. He is mine. He is living his dream and so am I. Screw the critics. Sometimes, when you work very hard and you are lucky, you get what you want. Be careful, but follow your bliss."