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Oct 1, 2011
Idea is simple, 2 (or more) people meet up somewhere (ideally not their homes as won’t be as fun) and play some kind of game. Could be a card game or video game or whatever that’s simple to do. Can either be in format of a strip game or just one game to decide winner.
Loser of game has to strip naked and give their clothes to winner, then they are left to head home naked. Winner is free to do whatever they feel like with losers clothes, could keep them, bin them, or maybe try sell them back to loser in return for dares being completed or cash or anything agreed on. But is totally up to winner if they give this option or if they leave loser to go home naked.

Possibly could be adapted to be played online but won’t be quite as good.

If anyone’s up for playing pm me or telegram me lakey011

Up for other variants on something like this too. Live in Hampshire UK if any guys near there and want to play, up for playing with any guys 18-30ish
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May 9, 2017
I would like to play but meet up in person is unfortunately not possible

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