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Mar 15, 2008

I purchased the CB-3000, and found that if my penis was lubricated, all I had to do was wait until it was soft, then sorta roll it out of the cage. I was really pissed. So then I bought the Points of Intrigue, but the problem wasn't solved. THEN I bought the Curve, to see if that would make a difference. Nope.

I'm reluctant to throw away even more money for the KSD or whatever it's called, especially if there is something I can do to prevent my problem from happening. I want the belt to work, but it's all too easy to just slip out... Any help???


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May 25, 2008
The KSD is just a small tubular insert to put your penis through.

In my opinion, it doesn't look safe or helpful. If you really want to experience the KSD for 1/10 of the price go find a 45 degree j bend at a hardware store in the pvc isle, file it down to fit inside of the belt and bam, instant KSD.

I have the same issues you have with this, and I'd like to add both of the Exobelts, and the "Lady's Glove" (www.youtube.com/ladysglove) to the list. The prime difference being that the LG is 3.50 USD and can be made if there is a walmart nearby.

I guess to address security, I would suggest buying something or making something that holds the belt close to the body, since you can only get your penis out because you can move the ring away from the body. There are several belts out there that cost 100-200 dollars that you just wear in addition to the CB3k (http://www.lockedinsteel.com/eSiteManager/ProductDetail.asp?ID=120). Of course, you could always spring for one of the full belts from ebay. They usually go for 200 bucks on their own, made by DD Machinery.



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Mar 12, 2017
I had similar problems with the CB-x series. The resolution for me was to go down a ring size. This kept the device as a whole in place better, and did not allow me to pull out of the ring, even at my 'smallest'.