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May 24, 2008
I bought the CB 6000 as my first chastity belt about a year or so ago. The cage itself is very nice with holes for air and the attachments seem very nice as well. I think this belt would work very nice for people that could fit in it. Unfortunately I am a little too big for it. You have to be careful that your girth is not too much for it and same with length. Unfortunately for me I am too big both ways. I hear the curve will fit bigger sizes so I will try that sometime. The one thing I do wish is that they would provide a nice plastic lock instead of the ones you can cut off.
The other nice thing about it is all the accessories it has so that it fits on a range of different lengths. While this does help some, it seemed to me that it was at the point where it helped with only a few centimeters or so.
The belt itself will be very easy to put on. Unlike some older models being in one piece, you have a few different pieces. I will attach a link to a site so that this is better understood when I find the link again. The explanations it gives are very nice as well.

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