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May 19, 2020
Over the last couple of days miss has had to punish me as I touched and played with myself without permission. I didn’t cum or orgasm, but touching is not permitted. First, yesterday I had to make really tight clingfilm underwear and fill it with custard. I then had to spend 40 minutes with my crotch and ass full and covered in that sticky goo. While it was messy it felt so good and a very nice punishment if it wasn’t for the mess.

But miss wasn’t done there. Last night I rolled 3 die. I rolled a 6, a 2 to make 8 and then a 3. This means that miss is having me have 8 ruined orgasms a day for the next 3 days with today being my first. When achieving a ruined orgasm I then have to flip a coin to see what I do with the cum. Heads I clean it up. Tails I lick it all up and swallow. I have completed all of today’s 8 ruined orgasms and although it does release little amounts of cum. It is so frustrating and only adds further to miss’ denial she has in place for me and my frustration at being so close to cumming with full orgasm but having to leave my cock Alone right at the end as a little load leaks out.

As per the coin flips, I have had to lick the cum up 3 times out of the 8. Which isn’t too bad, but with two more days and 16 more ruined orgasms, I may not get so lucky and may still have a lot of cum to lick up.

Although I must enforce, miss is only letting me have ruined orgasms. Apart from a small release of cum, it is nothing like a full orgasm and is so frustrating. To be so close and to have to let go of my cock right before climax. It is torturous.

But I love it 😈
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Apr 15, 2011
Brandi makes it sound like I know what I'm doing, but actually originally I was going to let her enjoy 8 orgasms. Well, I say "enjoy"; she had a 30 minute time limit to do them all, and for every orgasm left, she'd have had to keep her hands off her locked sissy clitty for an extra week.

But Brandi, being the good little denied sissy slut she is declined in favor of further teasing. Well, I don't want to disappoint.

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