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May 15, 2024
Hey all! We are a married couple (29M/32F) looking for an F Dom take control and submit too. Usually I'm the dominant in the relationship, both personally and professionally, but we're looking for a way to explore shifting that and allow us both to be submissive without her having to be dominant. We love the power dynamic flip that comes from letting go and letting someone else take control, for us we love trying new things and believe this could be the start to a great longer term relationship with a Dom for us both. We're VERY kinky and LOVE bondage, impact play, orgasm control, teasing and denial, exhibitionism, and more. Normally our sex ranges from slow and romantic to wild and crazy but mostly with bondage/restraints, impact play or ~risky~ locations but we're hoping to explore more than what we're used too and hoping this person can help us. We're both interested in chastity, humiliation, and some of the more ~taboo~ kinks out there, we're just not sure how to do those ourselves haha. Feel free to message in thread, send me a PM or message me below. Looking forward to to discussions!

-Kik: alexscottt9
-Skype name: live:.cid.2092cba4fcd9af56

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