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Feb 19, 2014
30 year old slave male seeking a 41-50 year old dominant male

Hello dear Mistress/Master

Let me represent you myself in words. I am 30 years old slave from central Europe. I already have some experience whit webcam role-playing. I had few masters in the past, then for some time I was really busy in personal life-job etc. so I could not have any sort of relationship whit any master/mistress..
Now I need to say that I have more time so I decided to try to find a Dom for some role-playing.
For my likes I need to say that I have tried quite a lot of different fetishes and I am always interested into new things and my limits to being pushed. But most of all I can say that I love long EDGING really much, so I would wish that domination would include edging besides following orders to do other things for Master. During edging I also get excited and willing to do more for master pushing limits maybe...

Other than that I also like BDSM, humiliation, moderate pain and training.
I also need to say that I find cumplay very excited during the session but after I cum it is really hard for me to play whit/eat it...-maybe that is what I would like to be pushed...
Also I am interested into light to moderate anal play. But for now I have not bought any dildo. But that could change if master would help me to decide what kind should I pick. -what would be good for my anus and prostate...
I also would be interested into slave position training, maybe some predicament bondage and other things...I also like group domination by other slaves/Doms etc...

What I have mentioned are just some ideas I am interested to play whit Master but I am very open to try other things...If master would be willing to discuss whit me about it before session starts.

Like I sad I am open to try different things maybe I can also give you a list of my likes/dislikes/limits that I have done in the past, just so that you would have an idea what I am like...

MY LIKES:CBT, humilition, domination, edging, forced orgasms, slight pain, edging, cum control, anal, BDSM, training, slave positions, corner time, weekly tasks, cumplay, blog writting...

DISLIKES(things that master can force me to do): semi-public, multiple forced orgasms, feminization, own cum eating, self-facial, hard pain, chastity, hidden public tasks...

LIMITS: Nothing completley public, family based or ilegal, no animal, nothing permanent, no toilet play, no scat, no blackmail

Oh I can also describe my physical description: I am 184 cm tall, dark long hair, few tattoos, I have 70kg so I thing that I am fit. I could also shave my body if Master/Mistress would like that. I also can withstand moderate pain to my testicalls, penis and other body area.

So If you would be interested just to chat more whit me or to inspect me please PM
I would be really happy to answer your questions and represent myself even more.

Nice Regards!

  • Kinks:
CBT, humilition, domination, edging, forced orgasms, slight pain, edging, BDSM, training, slave positions, corner time, weekly tasks, semi-public, hard humiliation, multiple forced orgasms, cum control, feminization, own cum eating, self-facial, hard pain, soft toilet play, pee, anal, femdom. whips...

  • Experience:
Little from my previous Blog with other Master:

"So I decided to get on the floor-like slave should be. I got humiliating feeling right away. Then I made a 20min alarm on my phone-so I would know when to stop edging. I put the phone on the table and pressed start.
I grabbed my hard penis and started going up and down. Ohhhh it felt sooo good.
Because it was some time since my last cum, my penis was sooo sensitive:
I was used to putting spit or lube on it so it would be more sensitive but this time I didn’t because I wasn’t instructed that way. And it was better not to-because it would be even harder to not cum if I won’t be dry masturbating.
After not more that 5-10 up and downs I already got on my first edge.
And I also haven been touching my penis-head, if I would do that I would probably cum. My penis shaft was so sensitive I don’t remember if it ever was like that. I waited sitting on floor for few seconds after my first edge and then started again. It felt so good. Finally, I was allowed to masturbate even if I can't cum. Not long from that I started to release my voice. I couldn’t help it not to start moaning like a little bitch slave. I was so excited and kept edging for next minutes.
After some time it begun to be harder and harder because I was closer to cum. So I taught: how much time do I have?...-Because edging was so intense I completely lost sense of the time. At one point I wanted to be over soon-because I was so close to cum. And at the same time I was so happy I could continue because I was aware that probably I won't be allow edging for quite some time…
After a while I couldn’t stand not knowing and I took a peak on my phone. I am sorry Sir I hope that was ok for me to do… The time showed 14 minutes and counting. So 6 more minutes of pleasure.
To bad I couldn’t watch porn, time would run faster if I could watch it while masturbating.
And suddenly alarm went of and I stopped. It was so good-thank you for that Sir!

Next I went to the bathroom, looked myself in the mirror and start doing my next mission. I grabbed the black marker and started writing on my chest.
It was hard to written on myself but I somehow manage to do the first line. When I finished I got so humiliated. “I shall not touch myself” was written on my chest. I continued and soon I came to my belly. I was hard and humiliated and the same time. I continued for two more lines and I was finished. Sentences repeating on my body felt very humiliating and shameful. But I know Sir would like to teach me a lesson and it is good for me. Also, who am I to think about why I do this-I am a slave in a property of Sir.
Then I made a circle around my genitals and around it I wrote “!KEEP OUT!” and on the both sides of groins: “MASTERS PRORPETY”.
I looked ridiculous when I looked at myself. But at the same time I was hard as I could be. Felt I was like tool Sir uses. A tool that follow his commands and do things for his pleasure. I am a slave."

  • Limits:
Nothing completley public, family based or ilegal, no animal, nothing permanent, no blood, no blackmail, social-suicide