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Jan 6, 2013
Below is some information about me including my physical appearance and my experience/interests/etc. Thank You for taking the time to review my ad and i hope to hear from You.

Name: John


Gender- Male
Age - 26
Weight - 150lbs
Height - 5ft. 10in.
Hair Color - Brown
Eye Color - Blue


i have very little real life experience but over the past couple years i have gained a lot of online experience, serving both Mistresses and Masters via cam and email. This has been a great way for me to experience new things and learn/grow as a submissive. My experiences include being verbally humiliated, dressed like a sissy and forced to model/strip/perform, instructed to self torture my testicles, tease and denial, insert items in my ass/throat, forced to pleasure myself to gay porn and forced to eat my cum, as well as a number of other things. With each experience thus far, i have been pushed to try new things and each time, whether it was a one time session or a more long term servitude, i end up feeling as if i'm becoming more and more like the obedient slave that i know i am.

Although i may not be the most experienced, i have an incredible desire to learn and experience new things in order to become the best possible slave i can be. i promise You i will be open and honest and i promise You that i will be obedient. In the areas You may see initial weakness, i will push myself to improve quickly so as not to waste Your time.

The majority of my experiences have lacked a real connection between myself and the Mistress/Master. This is something that i regret when i look back on the experiences and i would really like to build a relationship with You that is based on more than just order/obey. In addition, my past experiences haven't involved too many assignments/tasks that required completing - it was usually just "do this on cam" or "dress up like this and then humiliate yourself in this way". It would be great for me - both on a personal/pleasure level and in regards to learning and growing as a slave - if i was given tasks to complete, be it writing or anything else that will add a level of psychological control to the Mistress/slave relationship.

Beyond my willingness to serve You completely, i am also intelligent and will not be an annoying person to talk to (i hope ) and/or control. i understand my place as Your slave and i will respect that i am serving You, not the other way around. if You reward me, i will be grateful and thankful. if You punish me, i will know it was because of my own fault and i will accept the punishment without attempting to defend myself.


Likes: Humiliation, crossdressing, foot worship/play, ass worship/play, JOI/CEI, cum control/tease&denial, pain/cbt, forced bi, assignments/tasks, hidden/non-blatant public, wax, bondage/rope play, toys

Dislikes: piss, body writing (could be considered a limit)

Limits: Scat, animal, family, blackmail, blatant public, extreme pain, permanent damage

Open to Trying/Exploring: pushing pain limits, public. (i'm also always open to trying new things and experiences - definitely would like my boundaries to be pushed)

i have cam/webcam and i also have mic, however i can't always use my mic because of other people i live with. I'd be happy to send You pictures of my body as well (kik or email), if You would like to see any. In addition, i have no reservations about providing proof of completed tasks/assignments.

I have toys that are all pretty new to me so I'm still becoming acquainted with them These toys include: 3 butt plugs (different sizes), a realistic 9" dildo, anal beads, and a variety of bondage gear (restraints, gag, blindfold, whip, etc.). I have also ordered a new vibrating toy that should arrive tomorrow! In addition to my toys, I have three pairs of panties (used to have A LOT more but my entire collection that had been collected over years was thrown away accidentally when we were cleaning the house lol :'( )

While I would certainly prefer a Mistress, i will also be happily considering a Master. For Masters, i would like someone older than me but am willing to talk to and feel out anybody who contacts me. If the connection is there then why not take the chance?

Once again, thank You for Your time and consideration. i look forward to hearing from all of you who are interested in me. And please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


Skype: Luv2WorshipU
Email: [email protected]