Dirty laundry girls?


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May 19, 2013
Perth WA
Here is a fun little game to fill in some idle time and help get your humiliation fix.

Start by finding something to use as a hamper for your worn underwear, something as simple as cardboard box will do. Now use this only for every pair of worn panties or bras, keep going until you have totally run out, no cheating by washing as you go. If you run out of bras before panties you just have to go braless until the panties have run out too.

Finally when your panties and bras are all used up its time to go to the laundromat. To go do the laundry put on a tight t-shirt and short skirt or tight leggings. Put the contents of your underwear hamper in a bag and preferably walk to your closest laundromat. Take your time and make sure you get all that underwear nice and clean ready to do it all again!