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Jan 9, 2008
I have a broken gamepad (sticks not working properly) that gave me an idea. I almost finished writing a funscript reader in Unity and tested on a VR movie. It gives signals to the gamepad motors. So far testing a few scripts worked like balancing the power between the motors (simulating a fleshlight). Switching between 2 motors works better than a vibrator, I can tell you, older experience.

Overall: I play the movie in VR on my phone with a compatible Google Cardboard device while playing the funscript on my computer that sends wireless signals to the gamepad motors. Perfectly sincronized.
Give me some ideas what to do with the controller, how to replace the motors with something else better to nicely touch my 🌵. The gamepad vibrations are not really powerful for a nice immersion.

If you are a coder, help me with an idea how to send sounds instead, I want to attach electric pads to turn it into an estim (there is an Unity package about sending sounds but costs a lot of money)

Do you want the C# program? Just ask. I am still working on it, I don't really know how to input the filename yet but I can share the unity package so you can play on your own.
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