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Nov 21, 2015
About Me

I am an aggressive and strict dominant. (Although some have described me as a sadist...) I keep myself on a schedule and I expect my slaves to be kept to one as well. I expect total obedience and submission. I do deliver severe punishments for any rule infractions or disobedience. Although being strict, I am also understanding to individual issues providing that I am made aware of them ahead of time. I also understand the purpose of limits and will accept ones that are presented.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for an obedient slave who is willing to take orders, follow rules, do as they are told, and to gradually lose control of their free will. They must be within my age limits, (18-30) and not be too underweight or overweight (this should be obvious to you. Do not ask for my opinion). You should, ideally, have an athletic/muscular build and be fairly smooth. Additionally, English is my primary language so please have the ability to speak and understand it well.

What is Expected

On top of maintaining and improving on your physical appearance, slaves will be ordered to complete daily tasks such as humiliation, exposure, or pain. These tasks will either be completed live on skype, kik, in person, or over a specified time period and submitted through other methods. As part of the gradual control aspect, slaves will be expected to surrender personal information over time.

Final Portion

If you are interested, make sure that you have read through the entire posting and my signature to ensure you have all the information. All interested slaves must apply here: If you meet my criteria then I will contact you directly and we can move forward with a trial period. Please note that I do not like time wasters so please read this very carefully prior to submitting an application.

I look forward to hearing from perspective slaves.

Master Luca.