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Sep 6, 2019
(Not sure if this is the proper forum for discussing this, but potential discrimination seems like a wellness issue to me.)

Is it just me, or are a hell of a lot of the transgender/altgender profiles on eBlue and its affiliated sites suddenly getting banned or censored? I had mine cut without warning; no warning email, no explanation about whether I was banned over some ToS violation, etc. Trying to ask about the reasoning via support tickets has been met with over two weeks of silence. I can accept being cut because of perceived abuse, but I had pretty chaste images up on the profile itself and nothing seemed to be in violation of the ToS (aside from potentially hitting the super subjective "Whatever we find offensive" rule, despite my content being vanilla).

I did some investigating and noticed that some of the non-standard gendered individuals I followed on there, many with legit escort accounts for actual work and paid premium services, have also had their accounts banned. I haven't been able to get in touch since I only knew them on there, unfortunately; I'm curious if they received any reasoning about this or tried to get in touch with the support desk themselves.

I'd normally brush it off as mere chance, but certain dedicated non-consensual exposure accounts that are clearly violating ToS (and basic human decency) are still rapidly gaining followers, upvotes, etc. Those accounts usually don't even have any data listed or openly list themselves as "male" and what they're all about, yet several predate me using the site and are still posting other people's stuff almost daily. A woman uploaded on there without permission has to jump through a lot of hoops and digital forms to maybe get her image pulled down hours later, yet the account that posted it will remain active and simply post someone else later.

Anyone else have a take on this? Noticed any particular accounts vanishing? Had your own cut but were at least told why? I want more information before I do something crazy like call for a full boycott, but the team over there seems keen on keeping their lips shut.
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