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Jan 11, 2016
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So a while ago I decided to start a more in-depth story than I had even managed before, titled ‘Emma. The student, the girl, the slut’

Unfortunately life got in the way and the storyline fell apart, but I’ve decided to give Emma a new adventure, and now is the perfect opportunity.

It’s a slow start as I’m a little rusty but it’s hopefully building up something tremendous.

Hope you all enjoy just the same.

The clock struck ten in the station as the platforms began to empty, the morning rush drawing to a close. Last remaining stragglers hurry away into nearby streets, probably late for an important meeting or just desperate to catch their morning coffee, as the cafes and coffee stands begin the tidy up, preparing to do it all again in just a few hours.

In amongst all the carnage and chaos, sat a lonely figure, her coffee now cold several hours after it had been purchased. A waitress offered her a refill, but the figure politely turned it down, her voice shaky as she did so.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when she had arrived almost before anyone else that morning. Her attire was casual, jeans, trainers, and a hoodie, fitting for the current spring weather. Like most teenagers, her mobile device hardly left her hand as she payed for her drink, earbuds blaring music into her ears. Her rucksack had been left between her legs for a majority of her time seated, always knowing where it was.

As the hours passed by, the world seemed to move on without her, leaving her behind as she lost herself in her phone. Except for the last twenty minutes, for which she had spent staring at the screens, gently tapping the table in front of her in anticipation.

Passengers began filing through the turnstiles once again, everyone minding their own business as they filter through the station.

Her attitude began to change, sitting upright in the chair, her hands held together on her lap, chest pushed out. She began to smile, bringing a new glow to her face for the first time all morning, catching the eye of every guy that walked past her. Every moment of her day so far had been leading to this moment.

A young gentleman scraped a chair across the floor of the station, taking a seat across the table from the lady. Taking her hand in the soft palm of his, he gently kisses the back of her hand, causing both parties to blush. This gentleman didn’t look any different to anyone else, dressed smartly in a pair of black Oxfords with a purple shirt, top button undone and leaving plenty to her imagination.

Emma couldn’t believe what see was seeing. For years they had talked online late into the night, discussing all manner of things that had let her imagination grow wild, but nothing had led her to believe this would actually happen. Across the table from Emma sat a man she had affectionately become to know as ‘Master’.

Over three years she had shared everything with this man, from her deepest darkest fantasies including rape and torture, to her first lesbian experience with her best mate, and even her undying crush on her next door neighbour. And now here he was in person, able to carry out all those promises he had been making for three years.

Emma stared at the new arrival to the table, taking in every aspect of his body. Standing upright her master was at least 6’2”, towering over a majority of the crowd. Seated across from Emma he still held an amazing posture, sitting upright in the stiff metal chair to maintain his towering height. His smile still managed to hypnotise Emma in person, making him appear all innocent, but Emma knew exactly what was hiding behind that smile and his piercing blue eyes.

Emma watched as he pulled a parcel from his rucksack, sliding it across the table towards her. She didn’t need told twice.

Grabbing the parcel, Emma got up from her seat and headed towards the bathrooms, shaking her ass for her masters pleasure as she walked away, already beginning to feel her juices dribbling down her leg as she proceeded with her masters first task.

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