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Jan 26, 2022
I would like to talk to both doms and subs to ask if they could share their experience here about enemas. I've always been a big fan, ever since I was a kid I came across a porn where one girl was tying up and forcing the other into an enema, inserting like 2 liters of water, canning it to give her even more discomfort than she was feeling. It's probably because I'm sadistic, but all the discomfort she was feeling and the feeling of discomfort she had to have really turned me on and I became obsessed. For me, enemas are still one of my favorite kinks, but unfortunately I do not have as much experience in this practice as I would like. In the time I'm dom, I've done about 10 enemas in total, and I've tried a few times on myself to see what it feels like. I would like to know what are some plot twist of this practice, what are the variations of just doing an enema with water? At the moment I know of people who do it with milk, coffee, salt water to reduce the water absorbed by the body during retention, but I wanted to know if anyone had maybe tried some spicy mixes, once saw a porn where a girl was given a strange mix with lemon, crushed pepper and ginger. I would also like some subs to tell about their experience with punishment or task they received regarding enemas, or for the doms themselves to tell what weird and kinky things they did with enemas and maybe even afterwards. For example, one of my subs after 2 enemas to make sure she was clean inside, I had her insert the juice she was going to drink for breakfast into her anus, and she had to hold it in while she went to masturbate and cum, being able to then release the juice into the glass. Have you done anything else with your sub's clean ass? Or did you stop at the simple enema?

Thank you in advance if you decide to share your experience or ideas here.

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