Experienced Dom seeking online sub

United States (East of the Rockies)
Willing Submission
Online Only, No Injuries or Blood
15+ years

Lord Sabio

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Apr 2, 2024
Should we choose to play together, I promise you will discover new techniques and tasks that you have never seen before, that have been designed specifically for an online D/s dynamic. You’ll find that I will truly know your mind, your body, your abilities, and your desires in ways you have not experienced before. You’ll learn that I’m adept at strict discipline and control, at a pace and intensity that is architected just for you, while respecting your hard limits, constrained to the time and energy you have available for us to play. And, yes, you’ve probably already realized that I intend for everything to be communicated clearly.

I don’t want you to do what I ask of you because you’re afraid of my wrath or retribution. No. I intend to develop the desire within you that compels you to do what’s been assigned because you want to please me with every fiber of your being, knowing full well that I understand the effects of the task and your readiness to handle it. I’m not looking for the quick, intensely burning passion of a single BDSM session, which burns hot, but burns out all too quickly. I prefer the smoldering burn of relationships that last for years with each chat session, each task, and each punishment building one upon the next as you push your limits in ways you never expected before.

Everything I do is done with intention. I know how to bring intense pain when it’s called for and how to provide relief and comfort when that’s what you need. And, while I may push my subs hard at times, I do not injure them physically, mentally, or emotionally. I pride myself on thinking things through, so I can provide instructions that are safe for self-administration (or your trusted partners, should we include any.) And, we’ll stay online through all of it. I won’t be demanding to meet you or to have you move in with me. Nor will I want you pressing for such things.

This is where most people ask me, “What is your kink?” And, honestly, my kink is your willing submission, which my subs are all too happy to give me. Sure, there are certain performative acts that I tend to enjoy more than others, but they often vary for each person I work with, because everyone has different limits and abilities, and I enjoy pushing those that are uniquely yours. So, whether you’re new to kink and need someone who can mentor and guide you, or you’re an experienced online sex worker who thinks she’s already done everything you could possibly point a camera at, I have worked with other’s in your shoes to our mutual benefit.

Though, I do have some minimum requirements: I only work with CIS females or AFAB people who are seeking to explore their feminine side in a safe space. I wish I had a wider sexual preference but, sadly, I do not. And you must be willing to submit photographs and/or videos of the tasks I assign to you. I take privacy incredibly seriously, and no one will ever see anything submitted to me without your express permission, but I don’t have time for people who only want to submit a status report of what they claim to have done.

And, yes, I know that the right girl for this experience is feeling the wetness between her legs as she reads this, and thinking to herself, “God, I so want this, but I don’t know if I’m ready for that.” And, of course, you’re not. We haven’t even talked yet to discuss what we’d both want out of this. Don’t you think it’s time for that conversation to start? Drop me a message and let’s see where this might go.
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Dec 13, 2012
Kik: giantsfan232 if you’d like to chat. I send pics, no face, and very much enjoy having something long term, personal, and established.