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Nov 5, 2013
27 year old dominant male seeking a 18-20 year old submissive female

Hello all interested people (and possible lurkers and other random people). My name is Duleshna and I have decided to try out KinkTalk once again in hopes to find a new submissive/pet to play with. This will be a pretty much an updated ad... Due to my location (I live in Finland), I will most likely be looking for an online slave only, unfortunately.

About me

Alright, so let me start by telling a bit about myself. I am a 27-year-old BBA student from Finland. I consider myself to be a diligent and honest person. I believe in fair play, loyalty and timidness - I hate liers, cheaters and unreliable people because of that. I have good humour, a tad dry but at least understanding and genuine. I greatly value my privacy and you may expect me to respect your own privacy in return. I have a bit of a hermit nature and I don't actively spend time around with people. I do enjoy company, but I also love the occasional solitude (maybe a cultural thing?).

As a Dom, I like to be in a position that mixes caretaking and abuse. I do not desire total, unquestioned control (no bathroom control for example). I want to see my pets grow naturally to their full extent gradually. A good pet is calm, subdued and most importantly happy and content. I have been a Dominant for a good few years already.

About my desires

I have a few different fetishes ranging from “the light end” to “the deep end”. I will give you a very simple list of the major ones here.


  • Petplay
My ultimate and biggest source of pleasure. I don't really require pets to wear accessories, but they to add more fun to the game. I really enjoy reducing a sub to a state of an animal: just crawling on the floor, being at the mercy of my whims and mood swings. Better yet when she wants to play with me and needs to show me that desire... Great fun.​

  • Humiliation
I think this should be put as a main fetish as well. All of my likes link to this. I like to make my pet squirm in embarrassment and just make her feel dirty and naughty. Just making her fully feel what a thing she has become after accepting to be my plaything... I enjoy various ways of making my pet feel low and dirty. But all in a good way. I don’t intend to expose her dirty side to anyone else. It is my own juicy secret to have. However, I have never stooped up to blackmailing and I never will so if you were secretly hoping for that… I am not your guy.​

  • Rough oral- and analplay
These two are my main focus. Probably because I want my pet to understand than ALL of her body is for my amusement... although I do prefer it when she gets as much fun out of it as I do - which I like to point out to her quickly too. I love a pet who feels like there is nothing gross or taboo in her own body. We all have our sense of shame though, but that's part of the fun, isn't it? To be made to face that feeling of utter embarrassment...​


  • Scat
No need to explain that too much. Even if I am interested in the ass area and sometimes even in watersports… this is a definite no.​

  • Blood
I like causing pain occasionally, when I am in the mood - but injuries and wounds go too far. Bleeding is a definite no for safety reasons.​

What am I looking for?

I am seeking an online slave/submissive/pet only (unless you happen to live close to Finland... which is very unlikely). Note the time difference. I look for a female 18 and above, preferably no older than my age. I do enjoy greatly teaching and controlling subs that are younger than me. I prefer subs that are new to my things or are beginners to the BDSM world in general. I require no pics or camming. Once/If you feel comfortable enough, then we might proceed to it. I like to chat use Skype for chatting. Emails are fine too. I value honesty and the will to submit.

What I want to do with my pet?

That really depends on what you are willing/capable of doing. The basic, short-time goal is to teach you to serve me to a satisfactory level. (Not just sexual stuff, mind you. There is more to D/s than just mindless fucking). The more extended goal is to have good time with you. I am not limited to domination. If you do well (which I expect) and are simply a nice person to be with (which I hope), I also would like to just spend time with you. Domination isn’t just about sexual things for me, but rather a state of mind that extends to various areas of me and my pet’s life.

A good reply should at least have the following things:

  • Basic information about yourself like age, location, position in life and so on. (I have no need for your address for example, but it would be very helpful to know whether you are from Europe or from North America due to the time differences. Use common sense.)
  • I'd greatly appreciate if you could describe your body to me as well, since won't be requesting any pictures for the moment (but if you are up to it, be my guest). Just to give me a general idea.
  • Likes/dislikes/limits
  • Previous experiences (both successes and failures) if any. No need to go into them in great detail. The big picture suffices very well.
  • And finally anything you want to add yourself. Creativity always arouses my interest.
  • Extra credits: If you happen to have any sort of filled premade list of likes/dislikes like the Chloe's Kink Talk Checklist (or similar) that would be a grand thing to add to your application. Not required now though, so don’t worry if you don’t have that filled out.

I value greatly
  • Proper grammar and spelling (or at least a clear effort on it, no need to be 100% perfect)
  • Good, well thought answers
  • Honesty and politeness

I would like to start from asking questions and see what kind of things you are looking for as well. If we happen to find a good compatibility, then that is good. If not... well, I hope to at the very least meet new and interesting people. You may send your applications to my email duleshna[at]hotmail.com or alternatively you can PM them to me. Try not to put your applications here on this thread. I would prefer to keep this thread for comments and questions only (although you are free to PM me too if you have questions you'd like to ask.) I try to reply to them as soon as possible, but don't be offended if I happen to miss your email or PM by a day or two. You may find my (intentionally) poor picture of me on my profile.

If you indeed managed to read this far, I thank for your time and wish you an excellent day.

  • Kinks:
Petplay - One of my ultimate favourites
Humiliation - Always a must
Analplay - Very fun
Rough oralplay - Very fun indeed
Watersports to a certain extent - A new addition to my kinks... not sure if I really like it or not.
Spanking - A good way to punish bad pets.
Verbal and physical teasing - Does not mean torture. I love to see pets squirm.
Dehumanization - I guess most of the above are linked to this in a way.

  • Experience:
I have been a Dom for maybe 6-7 years now. Hard to tell where to start counting. I have gone through a lot of one-timers, a few longer lasting pets and one special pet that lasted nearly 3 years.

I have had experience with variety of pets. Ranging from relatively easy maintenance to very demanding ones. Usually the demanding ones have had some... well, issues with their pasts that I have tried to help them deal with within the limits of my capabilities. Mind you, I am not a healer, just your average guy wanting to listen to your problems if you need to. Just thought mentioning since that seems to happen quite often.

Due to my location I am unable to have an offline pet, although that would be a very very interesting thing to have around here... But, I will be focusing on finding an online one instead. All of my previous ones have been online submissives.

  • Limits:
- Scat

No need to explain that too much. Even if I am interested in the ass area and even in watersports… this is a no.

- Blood

I like causing pain when I need to but injuries and wounds go too far.

- Hate

I have had some pets who have tried to make me angry on purpose just so that I would abuse them more intensively. I don't like being angry and I like it even less when someone does it to me on purpose...

- Dishonesty

If there is anything that really ticks me off, it's dishonesty. I need my pet to be open to me and not hide anything. Things can go so much wrong if you fail to inform me about important things.