First fuck after a week of chastity and denial


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Oct 19, 2017
After 7 days in chastity, and 10 without a cummy, it was time for Mistress to give her slave a good fuck. After pussyboy spent a good time cleaning his boiclitty and completely shaving it and his boipussy, making it nice and ready for his fuck buddy, Mr Butt (lovense hush). Naked in bed, a good dose of lube, and in no time, Mr Butt was all the way inside his pussy, the remote control app was on and Mistress started to give him the business.

He could feel the strong and varied vibrations all over his pussy and against his G-spot, playing with his muscles to make it move inside.*

After at least 20 minutes of this, Mistress allowed him to use his hand to fuck himself harder with the butt plug. It lasted another 20 minutes, and pussyboy could see his clit getting wetter and wetter, started to moan harder and stronger. Mistress was playing very well, alternating long sequence of strong vibration, with more quiet, varied vibrations, and then attacking hard and strong again. After a while of pumping his pussy hole, throbbing is clit and moaning like a bitch, pussyboy felt some rush down in pussy, leading to a strong spasm and a squirt of mucus. This came with some shock and fear, stopping the session, as pussyboy was trying to figure out what had happened. Going to the bathroom to wash himself, he had an urge to pee. But when he was pushing, he realised what was coming out was nothing else than sissy goo stuck in his urethra. Soon, it will flow out while being fucked, Mistress will make sure of it, and if Mr Butt is not enough, her delicious black strap-on cock will get the job done, guaranteed!

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