Help me use slave Joe


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Mar 5, 2017
I made a bet with sub (you can find his photos on my KinkTalk [album: "4 slaves exposure game 2018-03-07" sub: Joe_33_11] or Tumblr [post: "I played with 4 subs" sub: Joe_33_11, my Tumblr is marked as NSFW and require login, each photo has comment when enlarger]).

I need your help!

For every woman (sub is straight) that comment post on GetDare* sub will place one lief of nettles on his cock on place chosen by girl and one chosen by me. Please note explicitly you are a woman and place where sub should put lief of nettle. If you will add your Kik username in comment or send me it via PM with message "Help me use slave Joe" I will add you to kik group where sub will place proofs .

If male users want to help - just comment so the post won't disappear too fast

After 21 hours (circa 20:00 GMT+2) I will count how many comments there are and where leaves should be placed.

* link:
* if you don't have GetDare account - you can PM me with info :)
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