Hi boys, somebody 18-40yo for dad-son fantasies?


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Jul 10, 2017
Imagine you're boy who just turned 18 and I just returned from your school. Your teachers are not happy with your behavior and I'm your dad and you deserve some punishment to remember you're good boy from good family. I think that I know how to punish my son. First we take a nice together shower. I can see your body looks really sexy but I think every boy, especially in your age, deserves to exercise hard and .... I know I'm not a good dad but my cock is hard just imagine that you exercise such hard that your cute body is pouring sweat. Today you'll sweat like never in your life. I want you to finish whole 60 minutes. You can do it, you are my son..... I'm such bad, I masturbate and dream about my own son's body.
" But to your punishment, son. Now you nice clean boy, and you will dress in sexy sport clothes and here is an exercise bike ready for you. It is 95F in here because I want hard task for you. Now step on the scale. I'm pretty curious how much will you sweat out. Ready, my boy ? " And now you already sitting on the bike and sweating from first minute. In 40 minutes we need to change your shirt what is already totally soaked. I ask you : " My boy, can I help you to take off your shirt? " and make you all naked. I'm watching your body and my cock is hard and pulsing. I try to hide it but you look at me : " Daddy, I can see you very aroused. Is it me ? " I answer : " Yes, Sorry, it is stronger than me, it's like raining from you. My boy, I'll get crazy if you won't help me, I didn't cum for 10 days, I'm such full. But, you will orgasm first, you deserves it, my boy. You sweating so much, yes, I even can smell you, my son's personal scent after sweating.... boy, i almost cummed . Son, i wish it all stays just between us, agree? " You say : " Dad, agree but I also didnt orgasm for whole week. Will you let your son cum on your face? " I said : " Yes, go ahead my boy. I'll make you cum soon. Yes, keep moaning yes, show me how cums my son..... " Now you scream and shake in intense orgasm. Now, I need your body, yes, love you, my son. Please give me long kiss and then, love to smell you after sweating, yout fine and intense boyish smell. It was such quick that we so so changed position and I cummed allover you sweaty body .....
Hope you ok with this.
Write me, my boy