Homemade nipple torture ideas


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Apr 3, 2018
Several ideas...

- Chip Clips
** Bonus if they are small and have pointy plastic Teeth!
- Paper Binders
** Smaller ones hurt a lot more, bigger hurt less, but still hurt like hell
- Skirt or Pants Hangers
** Bonus if you hang stuff from the hook
- Simple Bobby Pins right on the Nipple Buds
** Bobby pins such as are used in movies to pick locks, a.k.a. hair pins
** very easy, almost too easy for most
** for additional sensations, tease the nipples lightly with a vibrator
- Acupuncture Needles (Warning: possible blood and risk of infection if done wrong)
** Use the nipples as pincushins
- Birthday Candle Nipples (Warning: Risk of Burn Injury / Infection if done wrong)
** vertically pierce each nipple, take a birthday candle and place on the needle, light the candles, let the wax drip all over each nipple
- Alligator Clips
** Typically used with electronics to clamp onto exposed wires
- 9V Battery
** Get the nipple wet so moisture can conduct the charge
- Shock Collar
** Typically used for dog obedience, there are two small prongs that should touch on the side of each nipple

NOTE: I know this thread is quite old and the OP probably wont reply. I posted mostly for putting out some additional ideas.

I like to use the Colt rubber/silicone suckers. Wet nipple area (spit) then wet end of the suckers (lick them). Place onto nipples and a good few squeezes gives exquisite sucking pleasure/pain. Leave them for a while say 15/20 mins then pull off hard - big swollen nips, if you like quickly do it again - this time as nips are big and swollen you are now sucking them from their new swollen state.

Next quickly dry nips and put on good quality nip clamps - the pain of them on to swollen nips send me to heaven and back. Love the pain.

Then repeat - suckers then clamps, suckers and clamps.

Pre-cum streams and then a massive jerk off and huge load.



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Sep 19, 2018
Go to the store (I found these at a dollar store - so you know this is a cheap idea) and get some of those small plastic hair clips - the ones with the interlocking little fingers. Get your nipples hard and then clamp one of these on each one. They are small enough you can even wear them under a bra - a really tight fitting one keeps them in place. Keep them on as long as you can stand it. Or better yet - as one person suggested - take them off every 5 to 10 minutes and rotate them 90 degrees and put them right back on (I have to try that one!).
Yes, I find that these can be very painful - a slight re-positioning can have a big effect. It is possible to use only the end pair of claws, which can be even more intense. I rotate them every 3 mins, and go for 15 mins (wimp). NB they do not cut off the blood supply like other clamps.