kidnapped in broad daylight pt 1


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Mar 14, 2022
Hi! I thought I'd share a story I wrote a few months back. It's a bondage kidnap scenario featuring a female victim and two male doms.


It was a hot summer day and Dani had decided to talk a walk around the corner to grab an iced coffee from the new cafe in her neighborhood.

As she walked by him, a strange man reached out and slapped her ass. Whirling around, she swore at him. He just grinned back at her. "If you weren't looking to get attention I would think you wouldn't be wearing those slutty little shorts."

"It's hot you motherfucker!" she snarled in disbelief, suddenly feeling very conscious of how much they did ride up and expose her skin.

"Yes," he said, now staring at her tits in the sports bra she was wearing as a top. "It is."

"Fuck you!" she replied, now thoroughly flustered and embarrassed. She rushed off, wanting more than ever to just get her stupid coffee and retreat back to the safety of her apartment.

When she got to the cafe, it was deserted save for the man behind the counter. The bell at the door dinged once cheerfully to signal her arrival and he looked up to smile at her. "What can I get for you?" he asked. As she was about to answer, she heard that cheerful ring once more and instinctively turned her head to see who the new customer was.

It was him, the man from outside. Her heart gave an unpleasant lurch as he stalked towards her. "This man was harassing me outside!" she called to the barista. "Please help me."

Her relief when the other man emerged from behind the counter was short-lived, as he walked past her harasser and towards the door. "Where are you going?" she cried out in confusion, heart beating faster as she watched him turn the lock in the door.

"Now no one will disturb us," he replied simply. As she opened her mouth again to demand to know what was going on, the man from before roughly grabbed her, pinning her arms behind her back and muffling her mouth with one big and firm hand.

"Mmpff!!" she screamed. "MMphf MMM!!" Her voice rose to a squeal as the "cafe employee" walked calmly up to her and grabbed both her tits in his hands, squeezing them harshly and stimulating her nipples with his thumbs. To add to her humiliation she could feel them harden under his attention. She tried to wiggle away, to stomp, to kick, but the man holding her just laughed darkly in her ear at her feeble efforts and reached down with the hand holding her arms restrained to squeeze her ass. "MMMMPFHHH!!" she moaned in horror, eyes going wide in her head.

"We don't need to hear sluts talk," he growled in her ear and she shivered in fear.

"We certainly don't," the other man agreed. "Well, shall we?" he addressed the man from outside at that, and through some unspoken agreement he knelt down to grab her by the legs and the two men dragged her, still struggling with all her limited might, to the back of the cafe where there was a storage room.

"Get her ready," the man from the cafe said over her head, and he grunted in agreement. She was flipped onto her stomach and held down. Finally free from the hand gag she screamed into the floor as rope was produced and her hands were swiftly and tightly tied behind her back with rope, from her elbows to her wrists.

"No one can hear you," the man from the cafe said. "You might as well save your energy, you're going to need it."

"What do you want with me??" she demanded, eyes wide, twisting her head uncomfortably on the ground as she tried to look at him.

"Well we didn't pick you for your mind sweetheart," said the man who was continuing to add more layers of rope to her arms. "So why don't you shut up hey?" he chuckled as he pulled her back by the hair and shoved some fabric against her teeth. She firmly closed her mouth and shook her head violently but he just pinched her nose shut and waited patiently. Finally, she gasped for air and she found out what he was shoving in her mouth. A pair of panties. She growled in disgust and anger, but before she could try to spit them out a hand was clapped over her mouth again and she could only ineffectually grumble her protests into her new mouth stuffing. "MMpfh! mmmffph MMMPFGH. Hghhhh..."

"That's really fascinating," he replied, cracking a hand across her ass and laughing when she squealed. "Why don't you tell me more?"

"fffhhhughh..." a line of drool escaped her mouth. "Mmmmffphhhkk...mmf mmph...-MMMPH MMFF!!" her protests grew louder once again as she saw the man from the cafe approaching her once more, this time with a very large red ball gag in his hands. She shook her head violently as her head was pulled back again and the sizeable gag was shoved in, her mouth forced to make space for it.

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