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Sep 4, 2015
Hello everyone! We have two groups that are open for new members.

1. Kik group:
You must be 21+ years to join, we prefer you to be 25+ but we are lenient about the age. We like to go for quality rather than quantity. We keep about 30 members active at a time, however we are now in need of new members to meet, greet, and make friends with. This group is fun and educational. We don't like thirst and fake people and usually weed them out pretty quickly. We have an even ratio of genders and roles. Our goal is to get you through the work week and give you a place you feel you can fit in.

We do have rules and we do require a live video prior to joining the group. This is for our safety to make sure you are not a child and are really who you say you are. Please message me on kik at PinUpDoll50 if you want to join.

2. Discord group:
This group is open for any gender, role, etc. There are many rooms in the server that are role-specific. There are also places for games and educational questions. Be 18+ years old and make sure you live verify when you enter or you will be booted. You will not have access to the NSFW rooms or the more intimate rooms until you verify.

We do have rules and require a live picture. There is no interview process. You can just come right in the server using this link:

We really have a great family in both these groups. I do hope you will take the time to join and get integrated in and let us get to know you!

See you soon,