Kimuratrap Teaches me a Lesson About Whining 4/6/21


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Mar 27, 2021
Last night was supposed to be an easy night. We were both tired, it was late, and the night before had been long and rough. But early in the day, my smart mouth was already getting me in trouble, and that was how I ended up blindfolded with headphones on and bound. Kimuratrap didn’t want me to be able to move, hear anything, or say anything.

We started the night with a long talk about how our days went and our upcoming short term life plans, then I tried on new lingerie for him, he took some pictures, and I gave him a blow job. I’m starting to get better at taking him in my throat, but I can only do that deep a few times before gagging. I can be fucked where just the tip of his cock goes into my throat for longer, but still not as long as he deserves, so hopefully soon he’ll be able fuck my face easier.

After that he got me tied up and gagged with headphones on as he said he would. Unfortunately, with my allergies I was having a hard time with the gag because I couldn’t breath through my nose. And the ropes were distractingly tight. Instead of asking politely for help, though, I defaulted to whining about it, which Kimuratrap hates. I don’t know I thought that was a good idea because it earned me a hard spanking with his small leather paddle that was IMMEDIATELY painful.

Afterward, I was warned that if I whined again, he was going to bed, which meant I could forget about any chance of being allowed an orgasm. I guess I just wasn’t expecting my whining to get me in trouble like that, but it’s the next morning and I still feel the soreness of my mistake.

I pulled myself together and stopped whining, at which point Kimuratrap used his hands, mouth, and a vibrator to bring me to the edge of orgasm multiple times. I was careful not to whine about it 😅 but I did eventually end up begging. This is one of my favorite games that Kimuratrap plays with me, and the orgasm once he finally let me cum was amaaaazing. He followed that by forcing me to several more orgasms, which is sometimes a little bit like torture but also feels fantastic 😅

He nearly left me tied up at the end of of the bed for the rest of the night, but I asked to sleep next to him (without whining) and he agreed. We spoke about the right and wrong way to ask for things, then went to bed.

I know he was still disappointed in me when we went to sleep, but hopefully better behavior today can get me back in his good graces.

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