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Sep 24, 2022
Hi there folks.

So, been dabbling in this area of the net for a while and tried a swinger site (since left for possibly the reason for this post)
Now in a "chat up fashion" you can't really ask for feedback, so thought since I seen a post here about age thought I'd ask something in that wheelhouse

I'm very much a sub type of guy, guess it's written my first experience was getting my face sat on (was innocent at the time) guess it stuck. And I don't mind the partner being in charge, in fact I feel it's better cause they know what's better for them.
But, being a human sex toy, seems "boring" and imagine on places where you can message etc for free, a LOT of guys in this field probably just ask for the same.

So is old fashioned cuckold too boring? I'm fairly open to things but pain, scat and watersports. Biggest weakness is I have zero ability to talk sexy ha ha

Curious for the feedback but if none no worries
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