Lets talk about really BIG bras!

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May 19, 2013
Outback, southwest WA
Something I come across a lot are big boobs and big boobs need big bras, some of these are really huge and I really love them!

These are not the flimsy things for small or even regular size boobs, these are constructions made to handle the immense bulk of really big tits. The kind of thing that requires serious construction techniques and a lot of materials. Wide straps so they don't cut through the wearers shoulders, cups that sail makers would envy and support structure to rival the Golden Gate bridge.

I've had great fun over the years playing games with their owners, seeing what will fit in those gigantic cups, will they work as a hat, can they hold a watermelon, how many kittens can hide in there?
I'd love to see who on Kink Talk has the most original idea for redeploying their big bra, you may be too shy to show yourself but this may be your chance to shine, show us your bra!
Who has the biggest, the most unusual, the prettiest, the most utilitarian, the best engineered, the best collection, and well anything really as long as it's about your big bra.

Bra stories, good, bad and ugly. Maybe you have big bra envy? Your favorites, and horror stories.

Lets talk about BIG bras!

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