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Oct 26, 2015
Hello Readers,
First off, thank you for taking the time to read my advertisement. I hope that after reading this, you might be interersted in being my slave.

Me as a person.
I am an Indian living in Moscow. I am in my 2nd year of college studying Nanotech Engineering.
I think of myself as a creative person who finds it fun to think of new and challenging tasks and goals. I usually let off my creative train of thought in my guitar playing by composing songs and I like to merge this creative aspect of me with my kinks. I like reading books, watching movies, and am also a science enthusiast. As a person, I try to be a mature, well mannered gentleman. I am fun loving, almost always up for a fun time, except when it clashes with my sleep times :).

Me as a Dominant.
I am 21 Yrs old Male Dominant/ Master. I like to exercise control on various aspects of my slave's/submissive's life such as her sexual practises, her clothing, her home environment, her social relations (if the sub is open to it, though this is nothing onerous, just to the point of my sub giving me (Her Master) a higher priority then other peers in her social circle), her health and her lifestyle.
I place a lot of importance in trust and being comfortable with each other. I also believe that an important part of a D/s relationship is communication, much like in any other form of relationship. As in any form of relationship, we will learn from each other, one another's comfort zones, dislikes, yays and nays. I respect boundaries and limits and am careful to push my slave only till her limits, no further.
I am strict, command respect and discipline and expect my orders and instructions be followed to the letter. I am also however, not harsh and caring and gentle with my slaves. My slave can always come to me if she would like someone to talk to, if she would like to vent somethings or if she would need advice or just needs a friend.
I accept both trained and experienced submissives along with new and beginner slaves looking for training.

I was introduced to this world by my then girlfriend 3 years, who was into bondage and kinky sex. While the relationship didn't last, my interest was piqued and my interest kept growing like a tree, slow, but strong. I started to find my way in this new field. I tried being a slave once but soon found out that being a Sub/Slave was not my forte. I realised that I was better suited as a Master/Dom as I love to be in control of my life and of those around me. I will control you and your life and you have every reason to trust me.

What is expected of you as my slave.
You are to always remember that I am your Master, that you will do as I say (within your limits of course) and that you will show your master the respect and admiration he deserves. Your aim should be to please your master and to make him happy.
Beginner or experienced is not important. I am ready to teach my Sub/Slave and guide her in this new world. If you are a beginner, I will treat you with care and respect your limits, but I will be strict and teach you to be in discipline and under orders. I will help you find your way and try out new things to find out yourself in the world of BDSM. You can trust your master.

A short list of likes in my slave.
- Should be ready to take orders from me and obey me and my rules. Violation of order or rules will result in punishment, the degree of which will be decided by me.
- Should be ready let me control her life (not counting work life or relationship life if the Sub/Slave is in a relationship).
- Should be ready to do daily tasks that I set her.
- Should be ready to dress up for me.
- Should be ready to send pictures and videos (face not required obviously). Webcam not a necessity but always a plus. It is perfectly alright and acceptable if you would like to wait till you trust me enough for this.
- Should be open to anal play.
- Should be open to humiliation and degradation.
- Should be open to petplay.

If you accept to be my slave, failure to complete the above tasks will result in punishment, such as:
- Spanking
- Whipping, flogging etc.
- Pain via clamps and pegs.
- Orgasm denial or control.
- Bladder control.
- Others

If you are interested in being my slave, message me on kik @ jtruman94.
Hope to hear from you soon.!