Looking for a male master for some pee holding fun


Not so kinky
  • Bisexual
  • Female
  • Dominant
Mar 13, 2014

I am a switch and recently been hanging out with bunch of male slaves I am missing the pee play I used to do with masters. same old game, I can cam u dont need a cam, just voice. English only.

I am interested in being forced to hold pee along with threats not being able to pee, and punishments if I peed etc. I like new ideas and any comments relating to me having to hold in my piss when I am bursting full. The idea of me being put on a pee holding training is way toooooo hot.

my limit: no face, no pee on my bed. Remember my fetish is holding, not watersports.

I am also prägnant so I hope that doesnt bother you. only have a black dildo.
contact me with ur experience and what your training plan for me is. I will message back with my skype if I see fit