Looking for males/boys/subs/slaves to expose


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Jun 12, 2021
I'm 25 y.o. male top/dom.
I noticed few really good looking models exposed recently. I would like to enlarge the group :).
How about allowing me to expose your pics?

Basic rules:
-need to be male,
-need to be willing to show nude body from knees to neck,
-face is optional,
-pics can be exposed in KinkTalk album and Bdsmlr,
-unless agreed differently before exposure - you always can ask for your pics to be unpublished, and they will be,
-I might choose which of sent pics/models I will publish,
-I strongly prefer sign allowing "Tomasz Rodent" to expose model on at least one photo - the way I know that real model know what will happen with his pics.
I’m interested. Kik is poolnplay01

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