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Jan 2, 2021
Hello, I am a fairly novice sub male and my girlfriend and I have been experimenting with different positions and acts that involve her being dominant. A couple that we've been attempting are the amazon position (me on bed with legs up and my penis pointing through my legs and her standing up perpendicularly to me with my penis inside her) and me on all fours while she gives me a blowjob/handjob/whatever else from behind. The issue with these positions is that they involve my penis being sort of stretched downwards to an angle that makes these positions possible. However, my penis sticks up sort of straight (parallel to my body) when erect and I can only bend it down so much until it starts to either hurt or not stretch anymore making these positions difficult to do. I've been reading that this may be due to my Suspensory Ligament being short or not flexible enough. Does anyone know/suggest any stretches or exercises that may help elongate the ligament or make it more flexible?
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Apr 2, 2024
I've encountered same issue with my cock during my early age but that time I didn't give too much attention to this aspect. I was more involved in fucking as much and as long as I can. I even forgot about it for many years till one day, somewhere in my 40-s, I observed my dick is very flexible, managing to act in positions almost impossible during my 20-s. There can be few explanations:
- First: maybe my suspensory ligaments became more flexilble with age, I'm not sure about it.
- Second: When I was young, my penis was staying fully erect during all the bang (but, at that time, I couldn't keep it more than 15 minutes). Getting old I learned to control my ejaculation so I could keep it how long I wish, usually 90-120 minutes. Then I observed that, after dealing with sex sensations and gaining full control over my body (after about 30 minutes), my dick becomes not so hard as it was at the beginning and thus, due to a more flexible dick, I can easily control my orgasm and also approach various sex positions.

But most important, I do NOT advice you to cut your suspensory ligaments. I also read a lot of writings about gaining 1 or 2 centimeters in length by surgicaly cutting your suspensory ligaments, but, in the same time I read a lot of testimonies of men that have done it and now they strongly regret, feeling they have no more strength in their manhood as if it is hanging down between their thighs.

So, all I can advice you is to take it easy because all it comes with time, by exercising.
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