My Black Gloves


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Jul 6, 2015
I’ve waited so long for this day. The excitement has been almost too much to bear. Tonight, I will execute my plan.
My kit is ready, I have hundreds of feet of rope, several rolls of duct tape, and I’ll throw in some zip ties while I’m at it, and a rag or two for mouth stuffing. The duffle is loaded, my outfit is laid out and I am ready to go, the last thing I need are my black gloves.

To me, my black gloves complete my transformation. Without them, I live an ordinary life and work an ordinary job. This is the mask I wear so that I may hide in plain sight, everyone around unaware of my true nature. Upon sliding my black latex surgical gloves over my hands I lift the veil and my true self appears. My deepest, darkest fantasies come to life as my gloves go on, and I allow my sexual desires to come to life.

She is unaware that I am coming, she is unaware that I have been watching, waiting, planning for her. She is unaware that I have been in her house, making sure the back window is unlocked. Soon she will be mine.
I put on my outfit one article at a time. I enjoy every second of my set up for nights like these. I put on my black, long sleeved shirt, my black jeans, and grab my black mask. The mouth is covered on my mask and only has openings for my eyes. I prefer the look as it tends to come off as more frightening. And last, but most certainly not least, I grab my box of black latex gloves.
I load the car up with my duffle, gloves and mask placed inside with the rest of the kit and make my way to her house in the dark, moonlit night. I drive in silence, I do not want to be distracted while I picture her in my mind. She’s about 5’8, 120 lbs, blonde, with light green eyes. She has a tight little body, she does yoga 3 times a week to keep her figure. She tends to lounge on her couch in the evenings, watching some sort of horror movie normally. She must enjoy a good scare, we will find out how much fear she can actually handle.

I pull up to her house and park my car on the street by her back yard. It’s dark and quite back here, no one seems to notice anything in this neighborhood and I have good cover here. I use my binoculars to see what she’s up to. I can see her laying on the couch watching tv. She’s wearing tight yoga pants that end at her ankle and a tight little t shirt. My heart races as the excitement builds. I get out of my car, throw my duffle over my shoulder and quickly make my way to the unlocked back window.
I can see her from the window, she faces away from me so no worry of being seen yet. I gently push the window open slowly and notice the very high volume coming from the tv. This is great! She will never hear me coming. I open the window completely and set my duffle inside first, then I crawl through next and move through the kitchen into the adjacent room. Once there, I open my bag, pull out a section of while rope and a roll of duct tape, I stuff a rag in my back pocket and slide my mask on. Lastly, completing my transformation, I slide my fingers into the black gloves. The latex hugs my fingers and my palms and I pull the gloves on tight. Now. It’s time.

I come around the corner and creep up behind her. I come up behind the couch and grab her mouth with one hand and grab her arms with the other. I press her head back against my chest, forcing her to look up at me as I say, “don’t fucking move. Cooperate, and I won’t hurt you, got it!?” She thrashes against me. Her screams muffled by my hand as her feet flap and kick all about. I wrestle her to the ground, face down, and pin her down. I grab her throat with my hand, firmly, “I’m not going to tell you again, COOPERATE!” She nods in agreement and I quickly reposition myself on her back and begin wrapping rope around her wrists. I can hear her whimpering as her feet continue to flutter and kick. Her hands tightly bound behind her I quickly roll her over and stuff the rag into her mouth. She begins to scream into the gag as I pull a section of duct tape out and press it over her face. The more she screams, the more I put on until she realizes it is no use.

I look her up and down, head to sexy little toe. She is stunning. My heart is beating out of my chest as she struggles before me. I take another length of rope and grab her sexy little feet. Her toes, painted with white nail polish are irresistible to me. I start wrapping the rope around her ankles tightly, watching her toes wiggle as my hands go around and around her ankles. After securing the knot I gently run my fingers down the soles of her feet and over her toes. My cock is rock hard as my sexual desires are being fulfilled once again. I finish binding her with a tight hogtie, forcing her feet up and into the air. She continues to fidget om the ground, struggling against her bonds as I run my hand over her tight ass and down those ever so sexy leggings, only to return to her feet. I pull my mask up to my nose, allowing my mouth access to her sexy feet. I begin kissing and sucking on her toes. My hands rub her soles as I become consumed by her feet. I catch myself moaning during the worship only to realize it isn’t just me moaning, but her as well. This puts a smile on my face.

I pull myself away from feet and pull down my mask as I roll her onto her side. She is breathing heavily and looking right into my eyes. I look right back at her and she quickly looks away, as if trying not to give herself away. But she’s not fooling me.

I grab a handful of her breast and caress it, causing her eyes to close and her to begin breathing heavily. I lift up her shirt and undo her bra as expose her to me. Her body is amazing. He breasts are perfect in every way. Not too big, not too small, soft and welcoming. I bury my face in them. I kiss her chest all over, lick and bite her nipples. She’s moans deeply as I run my hands all over her, working my way down her waist band. She starts breathing heavier. I tease her with my fingers around her waistband, running them along the boundary of her leggings, inching closer and closer to her pussy. I quickly remove my hand and stand up, pulling her up to her knees as well. “I want you” I say to her. I grab her hair and press her head to my groin. She can feel my cock through my pants. I press her face into it. I rub her face back and forth. “That’s for you” I say to her. I release her head then begin to pull out mine. My erect cock looks her directly in the face and I begin it run it on her head, down her nose, and over her gag. She turns away but I pull her back towards it and she begins to rub up against my cock willingly.

I am so turned on its almost unbearable. I quickly untie the hogtie, keeping her hands and feet bound and use the extra rope to make a noose around her neck. I pull her up gently to her feet with the noose. I stand behind her, cock still out and tell her to “stroke it”. Her hands behind her back she begins working my shade up and down her hands. I pull harder on the noose, “work it faster”. She speeds up and rubs the head of my cock with her thumb. “That’s it” I tell her. I hold her close to me with the noose while I rub her body with the other. I start to reach down for her pussy, she speeds up on my cock. “Do you want that?” I ask. She nods and moans and rubs my cock harder and faster. She’s a kinky one that’s for certain.
I pull my cock from her grasp and throw her over my shoulders and take her up to her bedroom. As we head upstairs I grab a firm handful of her tight little ass. She moans deeply and her feet curl up towards my face. Oh my god this woman is insanely hot. I toss her onto her bed, face down, grab her feet and pull her towards me until she is bent over the bed. I stand behind her and press my cock against her ass. I slowly slide down her leggings and stick my fingers into her pussy. It is dripping wet and she moans as I slide my black gloves into her. She bobs up and down on her tip toes, almost begging me to fuck her. I undo my pants and press my fat cock into her pussy as she moans into her gag. “Holy Shit” I say as I begin fucking her. I start out slowly, then begin to speed up, more aggressively, harder, and harder. I grab her hips with my hands and pull her towards me as I ram my cock into her. She is moaning the whole time. Back and forth, harder and harder. She spreads her fingers as she screams into her gag and cums hard. I continue to fuck her harder and harder until I get close. I pull my cock out, I don’t want this to be over yet.
I step back and stair at her bent over the bed. She is spent, not moving much hut still breathing heavily. I pull up a chair and put her on it. I wrap duct tape around her chest, securing her to the chair. I grab her feet and begin rubbing my rock hard cock all over them. She is no longer struggling at this point, seemingly exhausted, she let’s me do as I please. I press my cock between her soles and use them to stroke my cock back and force. I do this until I am close once again, causing myself to edge once more. I pull back again, then decide to remove her gag.
Forcefully, and quickly, I remove the tape from her mouth and yank the rag out. I grab a clump of her hair and say “you are going to suck me off now aren’t you?” she nods and says “…ya…yes…”. “Good”, I reply. I stick my cock right into her open mouth and she takes the whole thing. She bobs her head back and forth, getting to work with little convincing. She is so good at head. I know I’m not going to last long as she swollows my whole cock, face pressed to my groin.

She continues back and forth, quicker and quicker until I can hold back no longer. I pull my cock from her mouth and explode all over her chest, neck and face. My orgasm is so powerful I sit down to collect myself afterwards. She sits in the chair, motionless, soaked in my cum. After collecting myself I get up, stroll over to her bedroom and grab a towel to clean myself. I return to her room and clean my cum off of her. She says nothing as I start to untie her. She stretches a bit, feeling satisfied and says, “well that was fun!” I smile and tell her to turn around and put her hands behind her back. “More?” she said. I nod and she complies as I zip tie her wrists behind her back. I pull her tights back up to her waist and place a small vibrator on her clit. “Oh holy shit” she says. I zip tie her ankles as well, I even zip tie her big toes together too. “You and those feet..” she says.
I take a length of rope and run it between her legs up to her pussy, then around her waist creating a crotch tie, holding the vibrator in place. I push her back onto her bed. As she looks up at me I say, “same time next week?” she replies, “no I’m out of town next weekend, let’s do Thursday before I leave.” “Sounds good to me”, I reply.
I pull out some scissors and say to her, “you can find the remote for the vibrator down stairs in the living room when you are done, scissors too.” “OMG are you fucking serious!?” I smile and stuff her mouth with the rag before taping her mouth shut again. I make my way down the stairs and drop the scissors on the floor just before I turn the vibrator on to high. I hear a great moan come from upstairs as I drop the remote near the scissors and make my way out the back door. On my way back to my car, removing my mask and my black gloves, returning to my ordinary life…. At least until next week…