My upcoming mouth soaping


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Jan 21, 2016
So after reading around and picking up ideas I’ve come up with a plan for my own self soaping punishment.

First I’ll get naked and lock myself in a chastity cage then walk to the bathroom where I’ll place a bar of soap (most likely dove) in a sink full off hot water to soak for 20 minutes. Whilst it’s soaking I’ll stand in the corner and wait like a naughty boy.

Now time for the soap! I’ll rub my lips and my tongue then place the soap in my mouth for 5 minutes after which Ill remove and re apply to my lips, tongue and then coat my whole face in soapy lather now the soaps going back in my mouth for 15 minutes. During this time I’ll bend over the bathtub and spank my bare backside for the 15 minutes.

I’ll then reapply the soap all over my face and mouth before I bite down and scrape against my teeth then I’ll leave for at least an hour before I rinse my mouth.

I’m hoping to get this completed real soon, a little difficult as I don’t live alone. But once I have a free house I’m going to do it.

Any other suggestions or advice?


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Nov 5, 2012
Spank yourself with a bath brush.
Only unlock your chastity BEFORE rinsing your mouth out. So what was more important? -> cuming or rinsing?