need help.


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Sep 2, 2017
So there is this girl I did not see for a long time(I do really like her though).
Last week I saw her again and I know for sure I still like her.

Thing is, about 7 years ago she told me she liked me and then I sad I did not feel the same way (I was like 10 and did not realize that I liked her I learned that when we stopped seeing each other). but I have no idea how to tell her.
So plz I need help with this.


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Jan 9, 2008
It's very easy.
You saw her after 7 years. Just salute her, ask her how she is, you can even embrace her and kiss her (on her cheecks) as a sign of you are very happy to meet her after a long time. She would probably kiss you back. Then let the conversation going, you can ask her "how about a soda or something" and continue your conversations about what you did over the years. She will accept (unless she is a bitch and "I have a boyfriend" will cut out your asking - if she does then problem solved, "I'm sorry I bothered you, bye")

7 years never count in your mistakes. You will find out after another 7.

You are lucky, you both changed and you will have a great conversation, different from what was before. Don't be shy, talking to her would be very easy if you both match. If you feel you don't match you will just leave friendly.
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