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Apr 20, 2020
I'm wondering what new ways can I sexually please my Dom. I'm looking for something more than bj, massage (and ofc obeying fully). I'm talking more like doing something for him that could even surprise a little.
So my question is:
If you are a sub, what would you do if you'd like to impress your Dom when he tells you to please him?
If you are a dom, what ideas could you give me that work for you?
If you are a switch, feel free to answer both!

PS We also like to do a bit of age play (soft DD/LG) so you can take this into account too!


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Apr 14, 2020
I'm not sure if your questions have been answered yet by now but when I read your original post you were looking for other ways that may not even be sexual to please your dom.
I have been a sub for 14 years to the same mistress I often find that as with any relationship. It is good to find out things that you're dom likes and and dislikes and please him / her in those ways. For instance sometimes my mistress prefers to just call me 2 come and make her feel better after a long hard day at work sometimes this consists of simple foot massages a nice back massage giving her a bath things like this that she enjoys. Other ways such as flowers or such I know this does not apply to your Dom. But the same thing I believe would apply in your situation find out what he likes and dislikes and randomly surprise him with something that he will just feel the appreciation from you

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