Homemade Nipple fun when pain is pleasure (nipple torture techniques)


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Apr 3, 2018
I’m trying to increase my range of ways to torture my nipples into painful ecstasy. What other ways does everyone use and recommend?

I like to use the Colt rubber/silicone suckers. Wet nipple area (spit) then wet end of the suckers (lick them). Place onto nipples and a good few squeezes gives exquisite sucking pleasure/pain. Leave them for a while say 15/20 mins then pull off hard - big swollen nips, if you like quickly do it again - this time as nips are big and swollen you are now sucking them from their new swollen state.

Next quickly dry nips and put on good quality nip clamps - the pain of them on to swollen nips send me to heaven and back. Love the pain.

Then repeat - suckers then clamps, suckers and clamps.

Pre-cum streams and then a massive jerk off and huge load.



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May 6, 2008
Dont forget the simple pleasures in life like rotating the clamps every 3-5 minutes ;)