Nude at the Beach and Public Humiliation


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Jan 10, 2008
Today I set myself a couple of tasks. The first was to pick up a new sex toy as I haven’t had one for a little while. The second was to check out the nudist beach that is within driveable distance of where I live. It is by no means convenient, hence I haven’t had a chance to go there before today. Last night, after dark, I had decided to test the waters and ventured into the back garden totally naked, wearing flip flops so that I wouldn’t inadvertently step on a stone. I spent a good while sat at the far end of the garden, somewhere that would be visible to neighbours in the daytime. After this I decided to try the road in front of my house. I left through the side door where I would have more cover and made it to the edge of the property before turning back; the road was well lit and I could see lights on in many of the houses. It would take only the slightest glance out a window for me to be seen.

The first decision to make today was where to head first. The sex shop I use is a fair distance from this beach, and they don’t close until 7pm so I figured I would go there second, so I headed for the beach. My first discovery of the day was that they don’t put nude beaches anywhere convenient. This particular one is as far out of the way as you can get in the area, then hidden round the corner on a horrible dirt and stone track. Once I arrived at the parking area I knew serviced the beach I still had the task of finding the correct zone.

As I pulled over to the side of the road to park I noticed two other cars had just arrived. The first contained a family, taking their dogs for a walk along the shore. The second car belonged to a middle-aged couple; a man in his 40s and a slightly younger woman who appeared to be of Indian descent. These two looked like they were equipped for a spot of bird watching and hiking.

At this stage, I was somewhat unsure of the direction I needed to travel, these two sets of people headed to the right, so I guessed the nude beach may be to the left. I wandered about half a mile before coming across the refreshment area near the main beach and realised I had made a mistake. I turned round and headed back, finding that the nude beach was in fact about a mile the other way, back past my car.

I had a pleasant walk along the shore, enjoying the first warm day of the year. I was considering how busy the beach may be, on the way through the seaside town I had seen a lot of people about, enjoying the sun. I wasn’t sure whether to expect a lot of people at the nude beach, and whether I would feel more or less comfortable with an empty beach.

Upon reaching the beach I at first thought it was deserted, and felt a bit awkward about being naked, alone in a public place. As I got closer, however, I noticed an elderly gentleman set up in a fishing shelter, having apparently cycled down to enjoy the day. I also noticed, tucked behind some grass so the back of the beach, what appeared to be a man lying face-down in only a t-shirt. As I got closer I realised he was having sex. I really didn’t know what the etiquette for this was, and so I kept a wide berth as I passed them, but keeping one eye on them out of curiosity. It seems they noticed my gaze on them and this seemed to either spur them on, or cause them to panic a bit as they sped up and shortly after I passed they stood up, got dressed and left. To be honest, I wish I had interacted with them in some way, if only to ask if they do that sort of thing often.

I now made my next discovery of the day; the nude beach was very small, probably less than 100 metres from one end to the other and possible as short as 50 metres, depending on which signs you go by (they were not all evenly spaced).

Having finally reached my destination and chosen a spot a short way from the man in the fishing shelter. I placed my towel on the ground, slipped off my shoes and socks and dropped my jeans, under which I was wearing swimming trunks that were far too small for me, and I had worn purely to give me a slight buffer between starting to strip and nudity. The presence of others, no matter how few, encouraged me in my stripping.

Many people say it feels liberating or invigorating to be naked like this. I did not feel this way, I merely felt comfortable. It was a warm day and it felt much the same as being nude at home. I gained a slight erection from the situation, partially due to me remembering a co-worker lived relatively close to this beach and the thought of her seeing me crossing my mind. As I lay there I became more relaxed and the erection left, allowing me to do some reading and listen to some music.

NSFW picture at the beach

A few groups of people passed while I was there, all of them just using the beach as a footpath on this nice day out. These groups of people ranged from middle aged and elderly couples to families (none of whom took any notice to the nudity) and young people. I noticed that those to take the most notice were the younger people, with groups of guys and girls glancing over. The glances of guys being fairly subtle, while girls were a bit more conspicuous, leaving me to wonder if they were checking my size, or just being curious in general. It was the thought of people looking at me that got me slightly excited and led to my semi-erect state returning. In one instance a couple in their twenties walked by, I saw the girl look over and she leant in close to her boyfriend to say something in a giggly voice, causing him to look towards me. The only thought to cross my mind was that she was making a comment on my small size and found it amusing. This humiliating scenario caused a full blown erection as my mind rushed to the thoughts of being cuckolded and made to submit to this couple.

The final people to pass were the couple of birdwatchers who had arrived at the car park at the same time as me. I could hear them making comments along the lines of “what’s the point?” and “disgusting”. It seemed that they did not take to the idea of public nudity.

A couple of minutes later the wind built up and I decided to leave. Rather than stroll along the beach I opted to walk back along the low-quality road behind the beach. I slipped on my jeans and t-shirt, going commando for the journey home. Along the road back to my car I decided to unzip my fly and poke my cock out. I had a taste for the breeze on my cock and I wanted another taste, leaving it up for most of the mile walk back. Clearly I had walked slightly faster than the couple, as they got back to the car a few moments after me, with the woman glaring at me the whole time I was nearby. Clearly she recognised me as the naked guy from the beach.

After this pleasant afternoon I moved on to my next task: the trip to the sex shop. It was a bit of a drive, but I got there with plenty of time to spare, or so I thought. My third discovery of the day was a sign in the window, indicating that as of today they have earlier closing times. I made my plans to return tomorrow and left disappointed. I decided that for being so late I needed a punishment.

On the way home I passed Asda, and decided that both to fulfil my tasks for the day, and to punish myself, I would carry out a humiliating shop. It would be the most humiliating shop I could concoct, with no additional items to cover up my intentions. My list consisted of:

- A phallic vegetable
- Condoms
- Lube
- Vibrating cock ring

In hind sight I missed out on an opportunity: I should have checked the clothing section and bought some sexy panties for me to wear.

In the end I had my basket of 3 carrots (one fairly normal size, one relatively large and one that I can only describe as the largest carrot I have ever seen). All three put the size of my cock to shame. I had a pack of condoms, strawberry lube and my cock ring. I needed to humiliate myself with these as my punishment, and so chose the checkout with the most attractive assistant. I ended up at a till with a couple of people in front of me, it was operated by a beautiful 20-something girl with brown hair and lovely, perky breasts. I laid out the items on the conveyor belt, making sure none were covered or hidden.

When it was finally my turn she saw the items and smirked, whether she knew that these were truly for my masturbation later in the day or not was irrelevant, all that mattered was that the thought crossed her mind. I had deliberately placed the carrots last on the belt, meaning it would be the final thing she saw and that she would make the obvious connection to their purpose. She saw the size of the huge carrot and made a comment that “it will fill your pan” and it would “fill you up”. It may have been an innocent comment that it would indeed by a filling component to a meal, but it felt like she was making a comment on the final destination of these carrots.

In order to draw out the embarrassment I was feeling, I asked for cash back, prolonging my encounter and requiring me to sign the receipt for her and wait for her to hand over the cash. Once I was finally free, penis rock hard from humiliation and covered only by the fabric of my jeans and the clear plastic Asda bag I held in front, I walked to my car. I glanced back once to see the checkout girl still smirking.

That brings me to now, and the beginning of my evening with my over-sized carrot acting as a stand-in for a proper sex toy. I will be gagging on it soon and shortly after it will be stretching my arse wide open. I have a plan for tomorrow – begin at the sex shop in the morning then quickly head on over to the nude beach for a bit of fun. The thrill of clothed people seeing me nude is addictive and I can’t wait for more! I’m even tempted to return to Asda to buy some panties, I’ll be sure to look out for that same checkout girl.