Nw Ohio: M/Dom/28 seeks M/Sub/21-24 in area ~ Vanilla M, looking for Sub. M

United States (West of the Rockies)


Not so kinky
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Dec 7, 2012
28 year old dominant male seeking a 21-24 year old submissive male

28 Year old Bisexual Male in Northwest Ohio, looking for a Submissive Male. Looking for a friend who would like to dive a little into the submissive side, all while enjoying companionship and friendship. This side of myself is completely private to the rest of my life. Just looking for someone to enjoy friendship and a good time, all while playing with a few kinks! I'm a huge fan of private embarrassment, such as wearing something naughty under normal clothes so that you and maybe one or two others are the only ones that know.

  • Kinks:
Not many kinks compared to most people around here. I do enjoy being in control of stupid little things, such as underwear selection and clothing type. I enjoy wearing most any type of tight clothing, especially speedos and wet suits. I have dabbled in some chastity, diapers, and bondage.

  • Experience:
What can I say. I am a newbie at this and really have no idea what I'm doing. Not looking for a hardcore M/S relationship, just a mutual enjoyment of some kinks, all while being in control of the situation.

  • Limits:
Would prefer to be within driving distance. Similar body build would be a plus, (I'm 6'3" and around 180) so that clothing and items that I have would work for the both of us. I also would like to be close to the same age, and if there is an age gap, I would prefer to be on the older age side.