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May 19, 2013
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Some of you may recall a couple of years ago we had something called the Meat Market. The idea was for those into objectification kink as a way to be displayed like cattle at an auction, to be viewed and examined in detail and ultimately to be bid on at the sale yard. While highly popular and successful it was ultimately spoiled by abuse which lead to the whole thing being deleted.

To fix the issue that was exploited this time all entrants must be verified members, that is they have completed the verification process in the Show and Tell section sticky. I am also changing the format a bit, this time there will not be an auction, instead members will be encouraged to discuss the value of the meat based on presentation etc.
Last time the entry format looked like this;


Borrowed from the common online "casting" format the meat was allocated a number and then had to create the contact sheet similar to this one.
Recently I saw this photo which lead to me pondering the whole idea of resurrecting the meat market idea, with a twist.


As you can see the various "cuts" of meat are divided as per a typical butchers diagram for cattle etc. My idea is to leverage off this concept and allow anyone who wants to enter to pick the cuts they want to show off for scrutiny and really put them on display.
Now obviously for us in Kinkland only some parts are of kink value so the entries will be restricted to the following cuts.
  • Breast
  • Ribs
  • Flank
  • Rump
  • Loin (groin)
  • Trotters (feet)
You can enter as many cuts as you like, you can also include a breakdown photo like the example with your parts divided and labelled in a similar way.
Cuts should be displayed in isolation with other body parts hidden. This could be using cutouts in card or paper, you can even go to the trouble of mimicking meat packaging with cling film wrap over the cut etc. Let rip with your creativity and really have some fun while making yourself more of an object.
Be sure to label your cuts properly with it's name, weight (guessed) and price.
You can supply as many photos of each cut as you like to try and enhance its value and gain comments.

Photos should be posted in this public album, you retain control of these photos and can delete them at any time.
If you post an entry add a comment here linking your photo so everyone can take a look at your meat and judge you for value.

Have fun!

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