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Mar 14, 2022
Okay so it's extremely hot where I am so I'm sitting here topless in front of the fan drinking and listening to music (I...also took an edible but it hasn't kicked in yet) and since I've been having so much fun sharing different bondage fantasy scenarios of mine I thought I'd share one of my most commonly revisited ones.

so basically the essence of the fantasy is I want to be bound and gagged and used casually by the attendees at a large party. sometimes I imagine a big dinner party where I'm being casually passed around the table to be petted and groped and put in people's laps and sat on their cocks. it could be an underground club scenario where I've been chosen to be the new entertainment. the essence of it is that I'm treated like a hot fuck, but just as one of the amenities and entertainments at the party, a Feature to celebrate like an open bar or a good dj.

I imagine either being knocked unconscious and waking up already prepared for my purpose in harsh bondage or else having kidnappers who don't even bother to knock me out because they can so easily physically overpower me. Both scenarios are good, in the first one I have no idea what's happening to me and I wake up disoriented and totally helpless, forced to accept and adjust to my situation immediately. In the second one, I'm held down with strong arms while a big hand covers my mouth and gags my little bitch squeals, and I'm fully conscious and aware during each stage of the bondage process.

What are your thoughts? How would you want to use me at your party? Descriptions of the bondage? Where does your imagination go?

The scenario I'm envisioning right now is of me either naked or wearing lingerie that fully exposes my tits and cunt, maybe a little skirt and no panties. I'm wearing an opaque hood which renders me blind to my surroundings and objectifies me completely, turning me into just a body. I'm gagged, specifically it's a dildo gag that can have the piece removed so it becomes a ring gag, for when, you know....people want to put Something else in my mouth.

This one really is versatile because I'm happy secured to a surface, suspended in the air, constantly passed between people and held by them, anything as long as I'm bound securely and used as a party favour. And hopefully also as long as I get lots of spanks on my ass and pussy!

Talk to meeee I'm feeling really slutty and I want to talk to doms


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Jun 3, 2012
I'd really love to go to a party like this but the girls entertaining know what they're getting into and it's consensual. Guys are wearing smart suits and ties, women wearing stunning dresses, and then the girls entertaining...

Waitresses are wearing slutty maid outfits with sexy little sheer aprons, thong panties and tits exposed... If they want to be touched while they work, they'll let us know and we'll respect their wishes.

But then the entertainment... They stand side by side, arms behind their backs, eyes down, totally naked except for black high heel pumps and a band on their thigh with a number but there's a long table behind them loaded with sexy costumes, clothes, lingerie, restraints, clamps, paddles, whips, blindfolds, hoods ... While drinks are served and the guests select from the menu, the girls just stand there waiting while we get to look at them and mentally note which ones we might want to have some fun with... Some of them might be willing partners of some of the men at the table, others not... Some guests have come to play with one of them together as a couple...

We all have a pad and pencil at our table so once the waitresses have taken our orders and served our first drinks, we get to jot down our choices of girl and how we want them dressed or bound... Obviously, there may be more than one person wanting a girl so we all write down several choices... Some want the same clothing and accessories whichever girl they get, others tailor their choices for each possibility...

It's fun watching as we eat, the waitresses preparing each girl to the specification of the Dom/me that's chosen them... Making mental notes for next time...

My girl is delivered, she's wearing a quarter cup bra with her curves barely contained and a tiny, tight thong that pretty much nestles between her labia rather than covering her... One black stocking. Wrists and elbows bound behind her back. The first thing I want is a sexy lapdance from her at the table, watch and feel her moving on me while my hands explore the feeling of the skin on her back, how she reacts to my touch on her thighs... Eventually the bra fails to keep one of her boobs in and I'll give her no help covering back up, eventually I'm going to close my hand around that titty... Stroke her ass, massage her nipple to stiffness... Slip my hand into her thong and start rubbing her pussy as she continues writhing and squirming on my knee... Other guests might be watching while they have their own fun with their own girls, but I don't care...

Will I let her cum? I don't know. Depends how I feel on the night. But the lapdance is the warm up. Ideally, there will be more rooms beyond the dining room. Maybe bedrooms, maybe all differently laid out with assorted dungeon furniture... Or maybe just one big community dungeon with bedrooms off to the sides... Either way, once I'm done enjoying her lapdance, I'm putting her in a pillory. If others want to touch her while she's there, if she happens to lose the clothing I've had her put in while I'm using her mouth end, well, it happens. I'm going to spend a long time groping and teasing and denying her, making her really hot... I'll have one of the waitresses bring us both a drink, let her pick what she wants, help her to drink it while continuing to tease her... Later I'll have a waitress bring some nipple clamps and weights, and a wooden implement for spanking her ass and cunt and hanging, weighted tits. She'll cum, eventually, and at some point, so will I... whether in her mouth or her pussy, it depends on the night... But I'll leave her there feeling my cum leaking from her
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